Jun 8

A Very Soft Glow Of A Red Light Illuminate Outside Of My Tent

A listener writes “About two weeks ago I went camping with my family in Lake Arrowhead, CA. It was a COLD and windy night, a bit of a snowy/rainy drizzle coming down on our tent. I couldn’t sleep well and was up around 2am. As I sat up and just gazed at the tent walls from inside, I began to see a very soft glow of red light illuminate outside of my tent. I thought maybe it was someone else outside, maybe brake lights, so I checked. There were no cars or people out. I looked all around. It was way too cold and wet for anyone to be out at that time. After I came back into my tent the light started up again shortly after.

It took up about two feet by two feet of illumination against my tent. As i looked at it, it began to bob up and down, I could tel it would get closer, then back off, then get closer. At first it was moving really slow. Then it got frantic and began to zip around the tent in complete circles. Even coming over the top of the tent which is what really made me think this was something weird.

I didn’t want to wake up my wife or kids as I didn’t want to scare them, or disturb their sleep, it had been difficult for them to fall asleep as it was. It lasted about 20/30 min or so then just went away. It did the same thing two nights in a row. I did try to record the light on my phone, but after reviewing it, it didn’t show up in the least on video. I assume it was way too dim to be caught on camera, or maybe something weirder. Im not sure what this light was, but it definitely was not a flashlight, and I ruled out break lights.

Anyways, thats my story. I wrote you in the past regarding an orb I encountered while jogging. That was an even more bizarre and crazy incident. Love the show!! Thanks for all you do Wes.”

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  1. Linda W

    Yes Wes, I would love to hear both of his accounts. BTW, I used to listen to a podcast called Nightcrawlers and it was a bigfoot podcast back when podcasts were in its infancy on blogtalk. It was hosted by several people but the main person was a women who had a daughter on also. The daughter was camping out in the middle of nowhere with her husband when she woke up in the middle of the night. She saw a red glow through the tent that she thought was brake lights but then realized they were in the middle of nowhere. She then heard several animals walking around the tent and the words “feeding time” in her head. She said she didn’t think those words; they were placed in her head. I don’t remember details after that. I know she didn’t go out. Wes, you need a break. Have you ever thought of letting Tony Merkel replace you for two weeks so you can go on vacation and then replacing Tony on his show for two weeks when he wants to go on vacation?.

  2. Denise F

    The story that sticks with me is the guy who was in his tent and the orb showed an alien ship and gave him the ‘download message’…..can’t shake that one…..I feel it’s a piece of the puzzle.

  3. m99

    Yes, and there’s probably a lot more than he “remembers.” He said “It did the same thing two nights in a row. ” and I wondered about that. I would have left, but he didn’t/ It seems as though he didn’t speak to his wife about it either. Interesting. Definately not ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’…

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