Feb 25

1993, Portage County, Ohio Sasquatch Encounter

10996168_335578279973152_1661423416488850056_nCraig and Rachel Miller had let their dogs out for their morning pee.  It was 5 AM.  Rachel went to the back door to call the dogs back in, but neither responded to her calls.  Nor were either of the dogs visible in the yard.  Disgusted that they had run off again, probably chasing a skunk or deer that were often lurking along the edge of the yard.

Rachel called to Craig.  “Your dogs have run off again, honey,” she said as she slammed the bathroom door.  Swearing under his breath, Craig Miller pulled on his winter boots and stepped onto the snowy backyard deck.

Just as he was about to call out for the dogs, both of them raced past him, spilling his cup of coffee and almost knocking him over.  Both dogs were whimpering and had their tails lowered in submission.  As Craig turned to return to the warmth of the house, he caught a glimpse of a large hairy Bigfoot.

“It was stomping its huge bare feet in the snow.  It looked like it was brushing the snow from its thighs.  Then he looked up.  We made eye contact.  It was horrible.  Those eyes!  It stared at me for a good minute.  I must have dropped my coffee mug because I was no longer holding it. The bigfoot creature snarled at me, then slowly walked off toward the lake.”

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  1. Dave T

    I live in portage county and just wish I new where some of these encounters happen so I could check them out. There are 3 class Bs on the BFRO sight for the woods right behind my house. Lived here 10 yrs, there ain’t no squatch in these woods. I’d be on to it by now.

  2. toomuch

    DaveT, what part of portage county r u from?I’ve been to west branch and mogadore res. I’ve also heard of reports around the ravenna arsenal area and lake Berlin as well.

    • Dave T

      @toomuch, I’ve been to all those places, I fish and hunt near them all the time. Had large rocks thrown at my boat in middle of the night at Berlin. It was almost pitch black out when it happened I could here the rocks flying in the air as they hit water around my boat. I was hot! I yelled back at shore but never heard or saw anyone. Couldn’t tell where the perpetrator was throwing them from so we left. Dont know if that was a BF or punk kids doing it. They weren’t boulders but who ever was chucking them had a pretty good arm. Anyway, I’m very very familiar with these areas.

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