Dec 2

Yowie Sightings At Curra QLD & Barjarg VIC

Yowiehunters Witness Reports writes “Quite often we hear from people who are fortunate (or not), to have more than one sighting, and in different locations.

Our Greek witness had never known of Yowies prior to her experiences. The initial sighting was at Curra, Queensland. At first, she believed what she was seeing was a monkey. The actions of this particular Yowie towards the witness, are intriguing and not common.

The second occurred between Mansfield and Benalla in Victoria 4 years later. This sighting was more typical. Also in this video, is a segue to an incident during Military Training at Tin Can Bay in 1992.”

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  1. Janetta V

    Obviously, she has never heard of the 411 books, or she would not be giving homage to these killers. “Protect them”, she says —protect the people out trying to enjoy the woods. Thanks.

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