Nov 6

Yowie Sighting at Mandalong, New South Wales

Yowiehunters Witness Reports writes “This is our second Witness Audio Report from Mandalong, in New South Wales. Both Reports involved the Witness riding a Dirt Bike.

This was a close quarters encounter, and quite a stand out sighting.

As you will hear in the opening narrative, when we seldom hear of a particular attribute in a report, but often enough to take notice of – it suddenly becomes even more fascinating.

Thank you to our Witness for stepping forward and sharing his experience.”


3 Responses to “Yowie Sighting at Mandalong, New South Wales”

  1. Aaron R

    Interesting sideways blinking membrane over the eyes. As an Aussie I would encourage people to have a look at these high quality eyewitness accounts. Wes wouldn’t have them on his site if they were rubbish. Take care all.

    • Charles R

      Did you see the Yowie Hunters 18 minute thermal from last year? Fantastic thermal, maybe the best I have seen. Indeed this witness got a great close by look and some great details. The eye membrane lid is new one to me and I can see how it would be most beneficial in their environment. It was back in 2009 or early 2010 when I discovered Dean Harrison’s website on Australia Yowies, and I read every entry, which at that time was several hundred. It really blew me away as to how an isolated island/continent could have a creature that matched our Sasquatch to the T. I think the theory of migration at last ice age may explain it, same as it does for North America, and I am glad they put that map up at the beginning. My understandings is that the native Aboriginal elders have stated the Yowie have been in Australia as long as the Aboriginals have.

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