May 2

Yowie Footage Examination

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports writes “In this upload, we are reexamining the Yowie Footage taken on our last Expedition. Along with the footage, there are also new unseen images and one in particular towards the end, that leaves absolutely no doubt.”

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    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) I agree, Devon c, it would be nice to hear from her. Everything the researcher said about her leads me to believe she’s the real deal. That Flir image she captured is nothing short of remarkable!

      • Charles R

        Gosh, so glad I opened this up. Both thermals are tremendous and some really good analytical work done by the Yowie Hunters, even better than the Mike Greene thermal of grabbing the zagnut bar in North Carolina years ago. I have never heard of Angela Ashton before, but would certainly like to hear more. Her thermal is nothing short of remarkable. That Flir T640 should be employed by a whole lot of serious researchers, but at 30k it is out of the budget of most.

        • Charles R

          In the comments section Angela Ashton noted that she was on a hill when she got her thermal. Their were 2 of them that had been crouching down when she luckily walked upon them. One took off at incredible speed and this one grabbed around the tree. Being on the hill to me gives the illusion that the legs are shorter, however of course it is understood than most Bigfoots have shorter legs in comparison to their body than do humans. She works the MS, TN, Northern GA, and KY forest and prefers to keep to herself . Well she is known now.

  1. richard r

    $30,000 !!! is that what one of those cameras cost? sheeesh…
    now i know why more people dont carry one of these things around with them hunting for a sasquatch at night.

  2. Wolf

    The only issue I have with these guys is when they post images of fallen sticks and claim they are put there by Yowies “because no bent stick could possibly fall in such a way to penetrate into the ground”… Gumtrees lose sticks and branches all the time of all sizes from twigs to widowmakers, and I have seen plenty of small sticks speared an inch or two into the ground … and I know for a fact there are no Yowies where I am. Other than that, these blokes do a good job.

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