Mar 12

World Bigfoot Radio: Sasquatch Sagas

Duke writes “Author of Sasquatch Sagas, Wolf Wildwood joins us for a discussion on Bigfoot, and also reads a section from his new Bigfoot book. Check him out and get the book at”


8 Responses to “World Bigfoot Radio: Sasquatch Sagas”

  1. m99

    Thanks Duke. That IS awesome! Sure would like to get the audio book by Wolf. Thanks Wolf. Take care man. /// How often have I thought the same thing, There are Many sets of bones all around the earth, which ARE Sasquatch. Good Stuff!

    • Wolf W

      I’m going to create some more youtubes of chapters from the novel and other stories soon… just have to find my good Rode mic hidden deep within a shipping container in the back yard. The Snowball USB mic I had been using for a while decided to chose Dukes interview as an appropriate time to fail 🙄, hence the poor sound quality.
      The occasional loud chirping you can hear doesn’t help either… we have an entire tribe of Geckos living in the house. 😳

      • m99

        Well, whatever, it sounded great to me. Perhaps the content was why I didn’t notice. I kept flashing back to the torn up camp saga from SC days gone by (if you know what I mean). Anyway, thanks again.

    • m99

      Yes! And it helps so much because my vision is very poor. I have always liked to read but have to bring the book up or bend down, lol. Looking forward to this. I think he’d make a fortune if he himself read his own material in an audio version. I like his accent, and can easily understand him although I speak Texan.

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