Sep 11

World Bigfoot Radio: Bigfoot Battles the Black Death!

Duke writes “Rich Soule once again comes on the show, this time to tell us about the European Bigfoot Contagion Theory, updates of hair-raising incidents during the recent Rez Squatching expedition (open to the public) and even talks about his time in the BFRO and some chat about Finding Bigfoot and TV Bigfoot shows in general. He also shares an encounter that may have been with a Mountain Giant, which a local paranormal club shared with him when he was out here in Montana attending BSBC #1 and doing tree structure documentation/research!”

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  1. Duke S

    Found a lot of Medieval illustrations and stone carving images of the Woodwose/Greenman for this one. Sure looks like Bigfoot type creature was not only there, but commonly known in European history! Check it out!

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