Aug 12

World Bigfoot Radio: Bear on Bigfoot

More about the upcoming conference in New Mexico and general conversation on Team sports, Sweating, long hair, “special people”, Habituaters, seasonal changes and how everything imaginable relates to Bigfoot.


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  1. Christine J S

    Dear Duke, Brenda or Wes,
    I would like to attend this conference but need more info. Please post a web site or link.
    Thanks, Christine JS

  2. m99

    We know exactly what you’re saying about the “sulfur springs” and tar, gases in the South. You’re a very good educator, Bear. I always learn something and often I’m reminded of things we’ve seen in the South, when listening to you. My family is from SETX, but also lived in Arkansas, Louisiana, and later Georgia. I NEVER got used to the heat and humidity. As a kid we lived near a swamp (our back yard) and I remember how miserable it was (no ac). I do Cod Liver Oil once a day, as well as Tumeric, Coconut Oil and CBD Hemp oil, for inflammation… Hope I don’t stink, but don’t think so! But I drink a gallon of H2O daily too, and don’t live in the South anymore… Anyway, thanks Bear and Duke 🙂

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