Mar 2

Wind River Mountain Range: Encounter In 1972

In 1972, while camping alone in the Wind River Mountains a biologist, John Mionczynski, is convinced that he encountered the creature known as Sasquatch. Over the decades since, he’s searched for further evidence of a large primate inhabiting the forests of western North America.

4 Responses to “Wind River Mountain Range: Encounter In 1972”

  1. Case M

    I was rock climbing in the Winds this past summer with my brother. There’s certainly room for a large primate such as Sasquatch in this part of Wyoming. Remote and huge.

  2. Charles R

    This was on History Channel this past Friday. I thought they did a pretty good job and did the subject matter great respect. Glad they included John Mionczynski in this episode on Bigfoot as I have not heard anything concerning him for a few years now. He was told after his experiences and interviewing others about theirs to drop this subject as the Powers that Be want nothing to do with it. I also like how William Shatner narrates these episodes of The Unexplained, especially for a person his age now, soon to be 90 on March 22. Jeepers, I still remember him when I was a kid and he was a young unknown actor on The Twilight Zone episode of Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. When he opened that airline window and that hairy gremlin was right at his face, I jumped out of the chair.

  3. Whizbang

    How can this happen, thinking let’s ignore politics especially our taxes. Not sure ? We are not the apex. Shot it and got right back up. Wonder what size gun, where did bullet hit, did it ever come back with others ?

  4. Danial K

    Love me some James Tiberius Kirk! Bill seems to be doing ok for 89 years old. Nice little video clip. The guy was threatened to be fired from his job. It makes you wonder why the excrement lickers that infest our government are so scared of this topic.

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