May 26

We Met Eyes And It’s Eyes Got Big

A listener writes “So this had to be 1989 or 1990 (This was summer time) I was 4 or 5 I was walking in my woods with my mom and sister and I walked a head of them probably 50 yards and I came around a turn on the trail of our property.

I looked about 10ft in front of me when a auburn colored creature came through the trees on the right side of the trail it noticed me and we met eyes and it’s eyes got big and I believe it was shocked to see me and so was I, I stopped dead in my tracks. It was like a 2 second encounter. I went back to my mom and sister and I was like I saw a bear or dog but it didn’t look like one it was auburn colored hair like my sisters hair color.

It’s eyes got big when I looked at it. I didn’t see anything else that would be features other then I don’t know a bear or dog to get there eyes big when they are in shock. It was on all fours and moved quickly. It went straight across the trail with its head turned. So I kinda let this story end and didn’t talk about it many years I was talking about Bigfoot and such with my sister and she said that’s probably what you saw in the woods when you were younger. I don’t remember even talking about it like that with her she was 5 years older then me. What gets me is I haven’t heard or remembered a show you had with one on all fours.”

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  1. Charles R

    I think their body and limb ratios ( larger torso and upper body than humans and shorter legs in proportion to their bodies than humans. Also longer proportionate arms ) are set up uniquely for them to be just as athletic on all fours. Also being on all fours probably adds to building their massive upper body muscles and strength. Are they as fast on all fours as two legs? All of the encounters I have heard where their speed has actually been measured by an automobile were on two legs.

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