Feb 17

Watch: Will Jevning interviews Al Hodgson 2005 at the China Flat Museum


I interviewed Al Hodgson in 2005 for my book- Notes From the Field, Tracking North America’s Sasquatch. This is the whole video uncut. For those who may not know who Al Hodgson is, during the 1960’s when all the Sasquatch activity was happening at Bluff Creek, CA. Al owned the local store in the town of Willow Creek and was the one person all the major players in those events went to during that time. Al sort of “connected the dots” so to speak between people such as John Green and Rene Dahinden, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, he personally knew Ray Wallace who later made claims of faking tracks, and Bob Titmus. He knew all the events that happened and the people who made history, but never received the recognition he deserved.

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  1. margaret h

    Hey Will, what an incredibly interesting authentic interview. Love to see and hear from the “OLD TIMERS”. So much detail!!! Congrats to you and your friend for recording Al Hodgson. What Symposium is Al referring to???? Is it online for viewing? and if so could you provide the link? Hope that you have more recorded videos and will share them sometime in the future. Cheers. MH

  2. Tyler D

    Will, you are the man. You’re closest thing to a sasquatch expert that there is in this subject. Everything you talk about is 100% the truth. You’re the most honest person in this topic. N we need more people like you in this subject. N I’ll be listening in on the 25th

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