Jan 6

Watch: ThinkerThunker – Siberian Bigfoot Photos

Watch the Russian (Siberian) Bigfoot photos come to life, in a short animation.

26 Responses to “Watch: ThinkerThunker – Siberian Bigfoot Photos”

  1. Christopher c

    I think in ep:69 in the beginning of the show there was a audio clip of a creature or I should say two creatures calling back and forth ,and the vocalization was the same or almost identical to the one played on the show that recently aired called Killer! the Russian Yeti, a documentary of recent evidence uncovered about a Russian Governmental cover-up regarding the Daylatov Pass incident, any way the so- called Yeti or Menk vocalizations sound identical to the ones on ep:69 like a metal grinding sound or an old rusty metal Property gate being closed or opened .

  2. SmellyHusband

    i think thinker thunker should do a interview with Will and others . he has good arguments for the skeptics , i know every one who pays on here is a believer but i use his vids to start conversation with my ignorant friends and family who just say NO and refuse all the other evidence that exists . for some reason seeing a blob squatch in slow motion gets them to start to accept they don t know everything

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