Dec 15

Watch: I think i saw a skunk ape

I have posted this before but I have been getting several requests from listeners to report it so here you go:

Josh Highcliff says “Here is exactly what I seen, I’m not sure what it is but can someone please tell me? Is there a person who can do video analyses or something? I got scared and ran away, i wish i stayed to keep taking the movie.”

ThinkerThunker did a great job breaking down this video:

15 Responses to “Watch: I think i saw a skunk ape”

  1. James D

    It was actually me in my bigfoot costume that I bought on sale at a Big Lot in Lake Worth, Florida. You see I have unusual vegan eating habits that I have been using to try and lose weight. First, you ask; “OK, wise guy, why the monkey suit? Well it’s Africa hot down here 11 months of the year and try walking around the swamps in a fur costume and try and tell me that you won’t lose weight. Second; Why the ripping apart the cypress trees? You ever TASTE the grubs you get from a partially submerged cypress tree? Yummy yum yum. Sorry if I scared you there buddy boy.

    • David J

      Ok guy with a camera getting a great shot of a bigfoot!
      Man up, stand your ground & keep rolling film. So what if a skunk ape runs towards you and pops your noggin off!!

  2. Steve W

    Lets look at it from an economics standpoint. You either go out and buy a monkey suit and ruin it by wading out in a murky, gunky, gawd knows what’s in it swamp by getting weird smells and mildew/mold you’ll never get out of it. OR you rent the outfit and ruin it, in which case you essentially bought it when you try and take it back to the rental company. All for a 1 minute clip of someone breaking apart a cypress tree. It would be an expensive hoax.

  3. Daniel D

    Good video, definitely interesting to say the least. The part i don’t get is how that creature didn’t seem to notice or care that he was there filming it? It had to know he was there. Aside from that it looks very good to me, the movements where convincing and it seemed to be exhibiting what i would assume to be typical feeding behavior for a large animal in that environment.

  4. Joel M

    I always assume all the dark object are Sasquatch. I think there are a few of them there. I can see one looking right at him. It’s sitting down on the left. Moving from left to right, find the second large tree. Go to the bottom of that tree and watch the face appear from behind a leaf as the guy is moving.

  5. Shawn M

    One of the very very few video’s i think is legit. The power the thing displays ripping the tree apart and hearing how the wood pops when it rips pieces off. Also it appears to have a conical shaped head at the top. Just my opinion. Think this guy caught the real deal.

  6. Kay S

    Very convincing. I wonder if the white patch Thinker Thunker was pointing out was an old scar. Sometimes an old injury on a dark haired animal or person will grow back in white.

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