Feb 9

Watch: Fox 5 Hunts Bigfoot

J. Fotsch goes in search of Bigfoot in the Ozarks.

9 Responses to “Watch: Fox 5 Hunts Bigfoot”

  1. David D

    Again; science, really? Everyone needs to get off of the “confirmed by science” bandwagon, and just listen to the encounter reports. What in the world would science do, that the eye-witnesses wouldn’t do? Oh yea, I almost forgot; the eye-witnesses aren’t tax payer funded. Yea, got to get government involved, that will make everything legit! (NOT).

    • DrAaron

      Here here, David! Time and time again we find out that science was just…well, wrong. On a daily basis, I am reminded that there is so much that cannot be measured, recorded and accounted for. Like Uranus and the Brontosaurus, it takes some hard work and some guts to change the status quo. You are right, the worst research is usually gub’ment subsidized. Remember, even Darwin recanted in the end…

      I was directed toward this site after a patient fell out of a tree stand during a sighting. Some stories are too bizarre to make up! How is it possible that all of these people are seeing something that fits a similar description. My favorite encounters come from people like him…not “researchers”

  2. Ted G

    Good encounter with evidence. Remember that science is just a tool. It is the people using this tool that need to be either applauded or scorned. Science has been used to discover or create some wonderful things, so don’t cast such wide dispersions on all of science. Cast your dispersions on those that are directly at fault.

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