Aug 3

Watch: California On Sasquatch

For the first time in nearly eight months, Kassem Gharaibeh (known online as Kassem G) has released a new video on his YouTube channel. In a very special episode of his web series California On, Kassem heads to the woods to search for the legendary Sasquatch.

The documentary is titled California On Sasquatch: A Not Finding Bigfoot Special, and at more than 30 minutes in length, it’s the longest video Kassem has ever released on his YouTube channel. It begins with some of California On‘s typical man-on-the-street interview segments before Kassem takes a trip to Pocatello, Idaho, where he and local resident ShayCarl visit a man who collects Bigfoot relics. In the third section of the video, Kassem and his team of not-quite-experts (including YouTube content creator Rawn “HiImRawn” Erikson) venture into the woods, where they hope to catch sight of the legendary cryptid.


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  1. Christopher c

    Nice vid @ min 4:10 you see kassem interview owner of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum Mike Rugg a very good friend of mine whom I see almost on a weekly basis,I am set to go to a private property with one of Mike’s co-workers to do a follow up investigation about some activity going on soon,good to have friends in squatchy places!

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