Jul 25

Watch: Bigfoot Chronicles: Wally’s Story

Bigfoot Chronicles is about a skeptical filmmaker who’s hired to document Bigfoot sightings. He travels to a hot spot of Bigfoot activity and pursues the wild beast. This is the story that inspired the movie Bigfoot Chronicles. In its second week it had impressive numbers sold at just Walmart.

22 Responses to “Watch: Bigfoot Chronicles: Wally’s Story”

  1. Travis L

    I’m not sure if that’s the real Wally or not. Seemed scripted and the old man was too entirely animated with his movements. Don’t think I’ll be watching this one when it comes out.

  2. Alan H

    John Green has an almost identical account. Except it was a woman.

    This is not an hoax, just fiction; which is fine so long as people understand that.

  3. Stacy F

    Amazingly stupid and boring movie… save your money, unless you specifically want to beef up your collection. Otherwise, rent it, pop some popcorn, and have a hilarious MST3K night with it. 😉

  4. William K

    I love all things bigfoot and thought this movie was going to be great… up until i saw the thing they called a bigfoot… WTF is all I can say.. it was a fricken plastic/clayish sock puppet face thing! It was horrible.. It was worse than that 1313 Bigfoot Island movie!

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