Jun 5

Watch: 21 degrees between Bigfoot and You

ThinkerThunker writes “Should all bipeds walk and move exactly the same …? Or would there be minute differences that separate us, just by a few degrees here and there? Here we see the difference. Can you do the walk?

(The lady in the high-heel boots helps to illustrate that NO MATTER WHAT is on our feet, we humans all have essentially the same walk mechanics. IE: our legs lift the same, as do our shins. And they also fall the same. Even a small deviation means we’re seeing something rare.”

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  1. Debbie C

    I notice Patty Sasquatch knee, while walking, it appears to be lower to the ground.
    While viewing people walking, their knee position appears to be higher.
    It doesn’t matter how tall or short the person is, their walking gait copies almost everyone.
    Thinker Thunker is spot on:)

  2. Kent C

    Thinker Thunker has done a couple of great videos on the comparative “walking anatomy” of Humans and BF. The degree of lower leg lift and the length ratio between the arms and the legs (and the ratio between upper and lower leg) is really “The Gold Standard” one needs to refer to in evaluating a video where the target is in doubt.

    The geometry displayed by “Patty” and some of the other credible videos CANNOT be duplicated by a human: …..It’s just that simple.

  3. Tyler D

    Wow, that’s actually pretty impressive. It almost seems like common sense when he points it out. Maybe this can help start wading through some of the hoaxer videos. Very well done, ThinkerThunker made a great point. N I hope he goes a little a further with his evaluation videos now that he has this information. Really fascinating stuff

  4. David R

    I love how Thinker Thunker thinks! If you watch all his videos you can really see what he is trying to show people! Go to his site, and watch his videos!!!

  5. Papa - Yeti

    I also had heard or was that I had read?, where Sasquatch knees bend more forward which allows them to mechanically achieve such a large span in the Step to Step stride, along with their larger size related to their body mechanics. As to to where Human kneed lock – [that is unless we are in fact born ‘double Jointed’ or in thought, is Sasquatch Double Jointed? If so, are they all double jointed or just some who are born with such a genetic characteristic?]. Something to Ponder upon.

  6. Jason M

    If you were walking in shoes that were too big for you, wouldn’t you necessarily have to lift your lower leg higher to keep from tripping? Anyone who has tried to walk normally with dive fins on knows what I mean.

  7. bill l

    How about having thinkerthunker as a guest on the show? So maybe he’s not always right, so what? Nobody is ALWAYS right. This video about the walking is great info. Some people get down on this guy , let him have a chance to speak. Now that Will is gone, the show is opening up. I think it’s great. Great job Wes.

  8. Kent C

    Bill; …..I agree!

    Thinker Thunker’s videos showcase a really analytical mind and a high level of good old common sense: ……Two things we could use a lot more of in the BF community!!

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