Jul 29

Washington State researchers in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Washington Chapter of BFRO scouting an area near Mt. Rainier. The video was made by a local newspaper.

17 Responses to “Washington State researchers in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest”

  1. Gabriel H

    …took me back to the scene of Wes & Woody’s encounter…

    Actually on that note… What an absolutely insane encounter that was. It’s been 2+ years now and I still have moments where something will que that memory and I just go quiet over the thought of it. It wasn’t even me but my god the magnitude that situation… and everything that has happened since. Profound man. Profound…

  2. Steven J

    I really feel bad for those bfro guys… The video was edited to make them look a little less serious and professional…. Always has been a very big concern of mine is how Sasquatch research is always portrayed.

    • DrAaron

      Exactly, but I see that with the media’s portrayal of many professions. I think they gear it toward the average target demo that actually watches the local news. It’s always 3-4 minutes with 3-4 second segments and scripted quotes. Filled with stereotypes and awkward jargon. SC soothes that itch for something more visceral with substance.

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