May 25

Vietnam War Rock Apes

Mark Felton Productions writes “Many American GIs during the Vietnam War reported encounters with large unknown primates they nicknamed ‘Rock Apes’. Were they lying or mistaken – this video presents evidence dating back to the early 19th century for the existence of the Rock Ape, encountered many times during the French colonial period, and also includes more recent physical evidence discovered by Vietnamese scientists.”

5 Responses to “Vietnam War Rock Apes”

  1. Richard W

    Mark Eaton, read all the encounters the GI’s had in Vietnam. They killed quite a few of them, after they were attacked by these creatures. Even the North Vietnamese sent people to investigate the reports coming from their troops.

  2. acrylic sand artist

    My husband is a Vietnam war veteran 1970-71.
    I ask him about rock apes? He hadn’t heard of them while on tour.
    But has read about them much later after the war.
    He doesn’t know if the stories are fact or fiction.

  3. Gary C

    Oh I was going to recommend this video, for those interested in WW2 and other conflicts this guy makes amazing short videos, great for any Bolt Action (Warlord Games) players

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