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Vietnam Sasquatch

I have been working for a while now to get Linda Moulton Howe on the show. She spent a lot of time researching the Rock Apes of Vietnam. I want to dedicate a show to this and and working on getting Linda on, I would also love to speak to any service members who had experience with this while they were over there. If you have had encounters with the Rock Apes please email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com


Visitcryptoville.com wrote a great article about this, the article states “In the mid 1960s, US soldiers were living the nightmare of the Vietnam war deep within the jungles of Vietnam and Laos. The two countries share a long border and on either side of this border lies vast tracks of dense, unforgiving jungle. In addition to the horrors of war that they experienced, they also encountered strange and exotic creatures and terrain that they had never seen or heard of before in this jungle.

I heard an interview with retired Sgt. Thomas M. Jenkins, who had been sent on reconnaissance missions during his tour in Vietnam in 1969. He said that one day he saw a band of large apes throwing rocks at his platoon. That’s why the soldiers referred to these big animals as “rock apes”.  At another point a band of these apes actually threw a marine off the rock pile. So the soldiers were wary of them.

Biologists will tell you that there are a variety of apes and related animals living in those jungles. But Jenkins insists that several times they came face to face with a very different kind of ape. He said, “This animal was stockier, he was a darker color, a lot more muscular. This different creature would awaken them early in the morning, would burst out of the jungle into a clearing and just rail at us – yelling and screaming and shake his fists. It was very human behavior and it was real obvious that he took exception to our presence there.”

Interestingly, it wasn’t just the US soldiers who saw this large ape. Soldiers on the North Vietnamese side reported seeing the Forest Man, too. They said the creatures attacked their soldiers.

In an interview on Monster Quest, retired helicopter pilot and Vietnam vet Larry Wilson reported his own sighting of the Vietnam bigfoot. In November or December of 1970 he was flying a mission heading down a stream valley. He ascended to pass over a ridge line when he saw a defoliated tree wiggling, then he saw an ape man shaking the same tree. He said its skull was flat on top, about the size of a soccer ball, had facial features like a man, and no tail. Larry had a clear view of the creature and was certain it was an ape man.”


Source: http://visitcryptoville.com/2012/09/06/vietnam-bigfoot-forest-manbatutut-is-it-real/

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  1. Tyler D

    Even the Vietnamese recognize that there we’re multiple types of these animals. And the same thing applies for the Australian aborigines, they’ve recognized for hundreds of years that there are multiple types of these animals. Actually, they even have different names for the separate types of these animals. In fact, the smaller more intelligent type were able to make tools, weapons and even build fires. The aborigines believe they were able to do so from constantly watching them build their fires, make tools and even construct weapons. Which takes a great deal of intelligence to be able to do so by just observing, which is something that no animals besides ourselves were capable of doing. Or so we thought. I think maybe one of these months Wes should do an episode on Sasquatch Chronicles on the relationship between aborigines and the multiple types of Yowies in Australia which in most cases was a very gruesome relationship between the tribes. Which I believe I’m rather well versed in, if you ever need a second person’s two cents on the subject Wes. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Australian Yowie and their brutal relationship with the Aborigines

  2. Stephen N

    Years ago I was visiting My sister in Alvin Tezas south of Houston. My brother-in -law told me that we were taking my niece and nephew to the Houston Zoo the next morning, a Saturday. He also told me that they fed the animal”s every Saturday. Well we got to the priate house and walked up to this real big Gorilla. He had ad a big pile of fruit right by him to his right. he was really big and had his back turned to us. It was all open air and we were about 20-25 feet away. He look”s over his shoulder, pick”s up a apple and throw”s it in front of my brother-in-law, Isaw him throw this apple,we did”nt move.He watched us 5-10 seconds. When he turned his head back around ,Brother-in-law reached down and got the apple. I knew what was going to take place. A family of hispanic”s walked up , my brother-in-law threw the apple nd hit the gorrilla on the back of the head. the gorilla lost it. He pick”s up the apple and like a pitcher for the Astros throw”s it and it hit one of the other faimily”s little boy”s right between the eye”s. The little boy start hollaring and th gorrilla goes ape crap crzy. A voice come over the intercom and said not to be messing with the gorrillas. My brother-in law hollars that the gorrilla started it. Primates can throw object”s accurate.

  3. Debbie C

    My husband was in Vietnam 1970-71.
    I ask him if he heard of Rock Apes, he hasn’t heard the term before.
    He talks about Spirit Trees, soldiers who died in Vietnam
    and reside in the trees.
    Wes, I’m glad you’re taking on this subject, it needs to be told.

    • Christopher c

      Debbie thank you for that post,I always feel good if I can learn just one new thing each and every day ,thanks to you I know about the spirit trees of Vietnam, I have some Vietnamese friends that I met in cooking school and they never told me about that,of course our language barrier didn’t help but I was in school with a elderly guy who survived being held captive in a north Vietnamese POW camp for 10 years he told me that when he came home to his wife, she said who are you? she didn’t even recognize him he was so skinny, it was truly sad to hear his story.

      • Debbie C

        Christopher C,
        All wars strips one to the bone.
        My husband was age 21 and his weight
        before war was 145lbs.
        He was at war for two years, he return safe but very thin.
        His weight upon return from Vietnam was 125 lbs.
        He stand 5-11.

    • Papa - Yeti

      Hello Debbi, first I would like to thank your Husband for bravely serving in the Vietnam War, I have many friends that also served and survived the Vietnam war. I wanted to mention that I have not heard of Spirit Trees. I will have to look into spirit trees. Thanks.

      • Debbie C

        Most welcome:)
        My husband would tell me about the spirit trees
        in Vietnam during the war.
        Soldiers who died could be seen among the trees.
        Vietnamese soldiers who died long ago would be seen among trees at night as well.

  4. Papa - Yeti

    There was an encounter during the Vietnam War, where soldiers (a Small team) heard slurping and gurgling noises in the jungle, and when they cautiously investigated, they came upon half of a Sasquatch Corpse, not a smaller rock ape, but an actual Sasquatch. The creature either stepped upon a mine, as its legs and pelvis region were blown away, or it was hit in the lower body with a rocket. I tend to go with the mine, as it was still gripping the tree branch in one hand when it was discovered. As for the “slurping, gurgling noises” heard, as the body was disembowel, its carcass, chest region was full of beetles, maggots and many other mile creatures feasting upon the pooled bodily fluids. Which indicated the carcass was only a few day old after it died. But it was not a rock –ape. I believe I had read about it on BFRO.

  5. Papa - Yeti

    ►1967 – 1968 A.D. Vietnam (Special Forces Operation, Night drop, Encounters an Nguoi – Rung) Vietnam (No specific Location given/Black operation). No specific location was given; told to Steve Williams on June, 1996…

    “For a period of three nights whey heard choking and gurgling noises. On the fourth day they found the upper half of a decomposing Sasquatch – like creature. It had been blown in half by something ….. Not by them. This was apparently not the noise they had heard … it was due to its mate possibly? This was the speculation that was circulating.”

    “They could see into the body cavity … Spine, lungs, and such. All was crawling with bugs. There was shorter hair on the huge head. The eyes sunk back an inch and a half from the brow line. It had long arms. Very large and long fingers. One hand was still wrapped around a branch it was clenching when it died.”

    “He didn’t say what color it was, but did mention that it had a flat nose. If the creature had its legs, the estimated height was around 8 –feet tall … there was no sign of the lower half on the body. They were able to see the teeth. All flat, well formed molars, except the canines, which were longer and pointed. Seemed adapted to living in the forest with long arms and fingers, or perhaps just builds night nests like gorillas sometimes do.” … Sent in by Steve Williams…

    I claim no ownership to this written post. and post in part for educational reasons only.

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