Sep 14

SC Short: Wildlife Biologist Shoots Dogman

A video short from episode 769 “Wildlife Biologist Shoots Dogman.” Matt writes “Back in 2019 I had an encounter and actually shot what I believe is commonly referred to as the Michigan Dogman.”

Spoke to the Matt and he works for the government. He said he thought it was a huge wolf. He watched it from a distance and noticed it was stalking him. The witness decided to shoot it. He said “I know I hit it in the head. It shook like it had been hit hard in the head, that’s when the strangest thing happened. It stood up on two legs, like a man. I was in shock.”

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  1. Kathy R

    Matt, thank you for sharing your encounter. Being from Michigan myself, and loving the U.P., it sure makes hiking seem a little less desirable activity now! I think of all the college kids up there who venture out on their own to go fishing, take day hikes, or camp.. it’s just scary that they are so unaware of the dangers. Cougars, wolves, let alone Dogman!

  2. m99

    It may not have done much to the creature when he was shot from that distance, but it understood the man had a weapon that would/could do real damage if it advanced. Like I always think, shoot the damn thing in the mouth if it comes at you and it’s screaming (Sasquatch) or in the eye when it attacks (Dogman). Just like Amy said, and I’d feel the same way. I shudder to think of the things we’ve done and where we’ve been with out a care in the world. Night hiking, hunting, chilling in tents in the middle of no where. SC has absolutely changed the way we think about the forests and usual activities. And that’s a good thing actually.

  3. theresa m

    What are these things and how do they fit into our reality? Is it a werewolf or a HUGE wolf that is an offshoot of the wolf line? Are the dinosaurs of the wolf family? So glad you shared, Matt. Thanks, Wes. I also worry about all the people who go off into the woods not knowing anything about Sasquatch or Dogman, etc.

  4. Mark R

    Living in the lower peninsula of Michigan I will carry a 44 mag at times. I love my 1911’s but I have seen cougar tracks not 500 feet from my house on my nightly walks. I imagine if I’d have been in that situation and had a 1911 I would have emptied the three magazines that I usually carry unless fewer would have sufficed.

  5. Jeffrey E

    The idea that occasionally bullets don’t kill cryptids reminds me of the skinwalker ranch, dire wolf incident. I wonder if there’s something to the myth that silver bullets kill werewolves. Realizing the truth via Sasquatch chronicles has ruined my outdoor forest activities. Knowing the truth and entering the forest feels like knowingly walking into a horror movie. Having taken the red pill (in so many areas) my only solace against fear is that Jesus is with me and heaven exists.

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