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Upright creature walking in front of a home

Here is a report from 2016 in Cape May County, NJ:

“At approximately 7 PM on Wednesday, November 16, Jon E., Dan F., Dan W. and James O. and I met at my house to watch a Philadelphia 76er’s game. While watching, Dan F. noticed a human-like creature walking in the street in front of my house. From the living room window, we all observed a creature which appeared to be just under six feet tall walking away from my house. The creature was about 150 feet away and passed under a street light, which gave us the ability to get a decent look at it. It was long limbed, but clearly not human. Because of the lighting it was in silhouette, but we could see that it was covered with hair. It was walking with its shoulders hunched forward, and did not appear to be in any distress. We watched it pass from view as it went behind trees and into the woods on the far side of the street.

I live in a quiet neighborhood that is located in a wooded area. My house is on a street that is a cul-de-sac, and there is very little traffic. There is a quarry less than a quarter mile away through the woods. In the 14 years that I have owned this house, I have routinely heard animal calls that can’t be identified as dog barks, etc., and have seen droppings and footprints in the woods that have not been from any animal such as a deer, etc., that would be seen in this area.

This is the first instance in which I have seen a creature that I believe is a bigfoot. Because we were all shocked by what we saw, we did not attempt to pursue this creature, but we were able to observe it for 5-7 seconds before it passed from view.

In the minutes that followed, we all discussed what we saw. While my friends, who do not live in this neighborhood, were initially reluctant to acknowledge that it was a bigfoot, after I explained the things that I have heard and seen around my house over the years, we all agreed that the creature was not human, and clearly fit the description of a bigfoot. Please contact me so I can provide further information about this sighting.”


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  1. Bal G

    Dude, you actually watched a Philadelphia 76er game and are willing to admit it? That franchise is an absolute dumpster fire, and they are the first ones to admit it. Heck, they even try to lose. Winnig games is not their vocabulary. To me, you are the most credible witness Wes has ever posted or interviwed. I believe you 100%! Keep up the good work Wes. To admit to watching that joke of a basketball team, tells me that you are not making any of this up.

    • Christian L

      I think that’s why the BF was walking away….he was probably curious until he figured out what they were watching and was like, “screw this I’d rather be in the woods rolling in my own feces then watch that crap!” Ditto…..most credible witness to date!😂😂😂

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Joe, I’m guessing that puts you in the Toms River area, maybe further south. I live in Monmouth County, in Rumson. Anyway, I read this report on BFRO a while back. I must say that Cape May is the Last place in NJ that I would guess for a Bigfoot sighting! Maybe the Pine Barrens in the south,, or High Point State Park in the north. I haven’t been there in a long time, but Cap May is basically a quiet, very nice beach town on the southern tip of New Jersey. Go figure!

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) Boy was I wrong.. I checked a map, and I guess you’re closer to the Atlantic City area! Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate- also a place you would Never expect a Bigfoot sighting!

  3. Seth G

    Im from Philly.
    I have a shorehouse in Cape May county.
    Im a Sixers fan.
    And even I CAN ADMIDT THIS IS THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME when one gathers friends to watch a midseason 6ers game.
    God Bless you sir.

  4. Charles R

    A report that confirms what Freeman Young has published a few years ago. These giants will infiltrate the outskirts of cities at night to go about their business. His home is probably in the Pine Barrens. I had to laugh at Bal G Sixers rant. Maybe if the Sixers got a couple of these giants on the team, winning might become a part of their vocabulary.

    Wes I imagine you saw this recent on the BFRO also. Fisherman had one on those rare moments when he got a great view and description of a Bigfoot.


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