May 26

Tonight’s Show: Wrong Place Wrong Time

In an upcoming show I will be speaking to Meghan. Meghan said “Prior to seeing these things I never really believed in Bigfoot. It was like someone saying they saw a unicorn.”

Meghan and her friends were hiking in the Olympic National forest in Washington State. She said “We came across all of these trees that were ripped out of the ground and turned upside down. It was strange, we were trying to figure out what caused this and then we found a nest. It was like a birds nest but big enough to lay in. As soon as we found the nest the forest went silent and that’s when all hell broke loose.”

4 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: Wrong Place Wrong Time”

  1. Linda B

    Wow. Meghan, how horrible for you and your friend!!!!!!!
    That’s terrible. I can still hear the panic in your voice. Man, for the juvenile to have such precision with that big rock; the little jerk. I’m so sorry this happened to you, and I am so glad you found Wes to talk to. I know it’s very upsetting not to have anyone to talk to or to support you when these things happen, but we do have an understanding friend in Mr. Wes Germer. Thank you Wes. This is going to be a very interesting Friday night and I love the teaser with this short clip. Thanks!

  2. Ron S

    I’ll take a crack at this sighting analysis if you don’t mind some off the top nonsense. The trees could be a symbol of life, an uprooting or destruction of family or a bloodline. The nest could be referring to the bedroom of the monster and its child, maybe a warning to be aware of a relationship situation in the future with someone who isn’t good. The windshield breaking could be a metaphor of you need to see things more clearly for yourself than staying inside where you feel protected because your protection can instantly diminish. If this makes sense to the lady, look and listen to life closely, drive more cautious and slowly down the road of life (like the wind is in your face with no windshield). You are being warned and watched over I believe. Or maybe I’m totally wrong and it was simply just those scary boogers…idk, just guessing.

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