Oct 13

Upcoming Show What Creature Did I See in the Woods?

A listener writes “I hesitated to share this story because, to be honest, it makes me sound cray cray. But, I know what I saw.

At 1:00 p.m. yesterday, I was sitting on the back porch having an eyeball break after being on my laptop for hours.

I was enjoying the cool breeze and the fall foliage when I started hearing a loud, rapid banging sound to my left. It was not in any particular sequence. Bang bang bang. Bang. Bang bang. Bang bang bang. You get it.

At first, I thought Brian was doing something in the yard downstairs. I looked left, toward the direction of the sound. And, what I saw shocked me. I’m not exaggerating. My jaw literally dropped. I’m still shocked and my brain is still having a hard time wrapping itself around the incident. Seeing is believing even though what I saw was unbelievable.

Behind our neighbors’ house, on the wood line, there is a tree trunk surrounded by foliage. Here’s a picture of the tree (taken after the incident). That part of the tree is, as near as we can guess (Brian went down there), about 12 feet off the ground.

On that tree trunk, I saw a dark creature (shaped like a person) hugging the trunk with its left arm, and holding a fat log in its right hand. It was banging loudly and rapidly on the tree trunk with the log. Because of the foliage, I could only see it from the waist up.

I said out loud, “What in the world?!”

I stood up to get a better look. The thing saw me, and got spooked. It instantly dropped out of the tree. Since there was brush between my line of vision and the bottom of the tree, I didn’t see it hit the ground.

This is what I saw (and please forgive my Kindergarten artistic skills):

The figure was all black. Could have been fur or hair but it was too far away to see that detail. I did not see any clothing on it. It was just all black, and shaped like a beefy person (not thin). The log it was holding was about as thick as the thing’s head. It would take a very strong person with a very large hand to not only hold that log, but to swing it as fast and as hard as the thing was.

After the thing dropped off the tree trunk, I paused for a second. I wish I could explain the confusion my brain was experiencing at that moment. I knew what I saw but it didn’t make any sense to my logical mind at all!

I then stepped to my left, opened the back door, and loudly whispered, “BRIAN! COME QUICK!” He came out. I briefly told him what I saw, “A big black thing in the tree, beating on the tree trunk with a log!”

We listened and looked. Nothing. We pulled out the binoculars. Still nothing. Brian’s first thought was it might be a poacher, putting up a tree stand in our neighbor’s backyard (trespassing). Deer hunting season is about to start and we found poachers on our property after dark the past two years.

But, why would he be doing it at 1:00 in the afternoon, in broad daylight, and within view of three houses? And, again, I didn’t see any clothing on it. So, that theory didn’t make any sense.

Also, if it was a human, it would have shimmied/climbed down the tree; not dropped straight down about 12 feet to the ground.

I called our neighbor on my phone. “Hey! How ya doing? Um, are you doing work in the trees behind your house?”

He said no. I didn’t want to sound crazy so I gave him the “possible poacher” story, and asked if he’d mind if Brian went out there to investigate. He said sure, and promised not to shoot Brian. 😉

Brian did not find any evidence of a deer stand being built. He found some broken vines at the base of the tree, as well as lots of sticks and logs but those are all over the forest floor. He didn’t see any footprints but it was dry and, because it’s fall, there are tons of leaves on the forest floor. There is a deer trail right near that tree but I KNEW that wasn’t a deer up in that tree, holding a log, and banging on the tree trunk.

I looked up bears. They don’t have opposable thumbs. They can’t hold a log, and bang on a tree trunk.

I’m still trying to come to terms with the incident. My mind still can’t wrap itself around what I saw.

Mason has Covid right now. I took him to the ER on Tuesday because he had the worst headache of his life and pain in his lower middle back. He had no upper respiratory symptoms so I wanted them to rule out Meningitis, which they did. He tested positive for Covid in the ER and he’s home resting (and miserable) now. Please pray for him. He does have the upper respiratory symptoms now. Because we have Covid in the house, everybody is sleeping in separate rooms.

Last night, I woke up at 2:00 a.m., and heard a weird sound outside. I realized it was raining and the wind was blowing pretty hard so I crawled back in bed. Then, I heard another noise. A weird clack, clack, clack noise outside. Of course, I immediately thought that thing had come looking for me. I mean…it knows where I live! I got up with the flashlight. The wind was blowing so hard that a large bucket had blown out from under the porch, and was rolling back and forth across the driveway. I went back to bed but I didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night.”

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  1. Lorraine W

    I’m looking forward to this show. I notice a power line clear cut in the background/distance. Many reports indicate BF often follows these corridors. It makes me wonder if this one was passing through this area and was seeking food. I don’t know if there was fruit, nuts, a honey hive or some kind of prey seeking refuge in the tree he was trying to shake down. Also October is a common month for sightings, and I’ve often wondered if that is due to them moving before winter. Your photo shows a large area of habitat for them. I’m looking forward to your full episode. Thank you for sharing! We don’t often get a report right after it happens! I’d love to know your general location, maybe just the state if you don’t want to be more specific. Thanks, again!

  2. Angela H

    Lorraine, I want to begin by saying I am a logical, intelligent person. I own my own company. I’m a professional writer and publisher. I have NEVER had an experience like this. (And, at this point, I’m wishing I hadn’t because now I’m afraid.) I think it’s important that, when someone does have an experience like this, to share it with people, even if you sound nuts when you do so.

    We are located in far NW Georgia. In Trenton but up on the mountain. Not in Trenton proper. If you look up Trenton, you’ll see a town in the valley. We are actually 20 minutes N/NW of the town. We can see Chattanooga, TN from our back porch. We live on the very top of Sand Mountain.

    I just saw the thing 2 days ago, on Tuesday. I was a non-believer but now I am. Feel free to email me: angela@booklocker.com

    I contacted Wes the day after it happened because I was so flummoxed by what I had seen. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. After our interview, I had questions for him. Like, “Um, do you think they’re just migrating through?” I was really hoping they are because I AM frightened. Listen to the interview for his thoughts on what they’re doing.

    We are near power lines. We don’t have fruit on the property but we do have lots of vegetables and trees. We have a large garden. We also have beehives for honey. Also, tons of deer, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, countless rabbits, and other wildlife. We are surrounded by woods and there are several water sources nearby.

    Last night (a day after the sighting), our large black lab / great dane mix (110 lbs.), Tank, once again ran down in the woods after dark, like he’s done many times. Except, when he got down there, he stopped barking. And, then I heard a loud “Aaaaaah-AAAAAAA-oooooooh!!!” very close. Right at the property line, where the mowed grass in the backyard meet the woods. Tank stopped barking, and immediately ran upstairs, and stood by the door to get into the house. We have never heard that sound before and we’ve never seen our dog react that way before. His sister (a smaller dog) usually follows him downstairs when he races down there barking. She thinks it’s a game. She did not follow him last night; instead standing by the back door. Today, he went down there twice barking like crazy and she stayed upstairs again. So, again, are they migrating and just arrived? Or, have they been here all along and we didn’t notice these things until I saw one?

    Our neighbor’s kids heard knocking yesterday afternoon (they didn’t know about my sighting), and came inside scared. Last night, the same neighbor reporting hearing the weird yelling/screaming sound that we had heard last night. She won’t let her kids go outside alone anymore.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions. Because I have questions, too!! angela@booklocker.com

    Angela Hoy
    President and CEO

    • Charles R

      Thanks for sharing this information Ms. Hay. I have heard that scream or similiar sounds, and indeed it very unsettling. One or a family group just may stay around for a while. I do feel they migrate around, however they can take up residence in an area for a time. It is good you got ahold of Wes who will have some good advice. There is certainly plenty of forest to protect them in your part of Georgia.

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