Nov 25

Tonight’s Show: The Interrupted Hunt

A listener writes “I write to you very hesitantly. I am being encouraged by a friend of mine to share my story with you. I’m very active in my community and have children that are very active also so I’m very leary in fear I may be labeled a crazy.

However, (1993 I think) a friend of mine and myself were on an evening drive down a river road looking to see if we couldn’t see a buck. It was about the time of the fall that the bucks should be sheading their velvet so we were hoping to see a few in order to know if they had shed or not.

Long story short we witnessed, what we can only think was a sasquatch, kill a buck whitetail deer.”


5 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: The Interrupted Hunt”

  1. Chad W

    I can’t wait for this one. We lived in Virginia near the West Virginia border for more than 20 years, up until a few years ago. This episode will hit close to home.

  2. Charles R

    Some of, for me, the best Sasquatch encounters are witnesses that see them take down a deer whether an individual or even better a group hunt. Very much look forward to hearing this.

  3. Linda B

    That’s awesome. I like the stories involving deer too, the stories with two of them hunting together seems so humanlike to me, like congratulating each other for bringing down their next meal. What do they do after dinner? Just seems so humanlike to me. I’m excited to listen.

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