Jul 5

Upcoming Show: The Georgia Sasquatch

A listener writes “We live out in a very rural area of North GA. In between a couple of mtns. I walked out on the front porch where he was standing. I’ve heard howls before and one roar but this was closer than any other.

A loud howl came from behind the house. This was like a battle cry or a pissed off howl. Our cabin sits in the back corner of our property. We don’t have much of back yard before it drops down about 45 ft and the about 15 yards away is a small creek. This is where the howl came from. I literally felt like a rabbit when they just kind of freeze when they’re scared. I was fumbling with my phone trying to start audio. Unfortunately, I did not get that howl but I did get the response.

About 20 secs after about 100 yards down the dirt road in front of my house came a howl and what sounded kind of grumbling at around 20 secs in and the another louder howl at about 140 secs in. I found the foot print the next evening just inside the woods beside our cabin. This isn’t the only activity at our cabin. We’ve been here about a year and half. I try to keep a journal of things just so I can remember. I had a siting back in 9-21 from about 25 yards away. I enjoy listening to your show and hearing others stories!”

Spoke to the witness and her husband and there is a lot of activity around this cabin. Both witnesses have seen the creature. They are willing to come on the show.

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