May 15

Tonight’s Show: Special Forces In Afghanistan

A listener writes “My encounter took place in the winter of 2015 in a northern mountainous province of Afghanistan during a night raid on a suspected al-Qaeda compound. The encounter happened during a long infill walk to the target. The incident was witnessed by more than a few dozen soldiers over IR surveillance from drone ISR coverage, either from live feed or through video play back as I witnessed on returning to our camp on Bagram Air-Field.”

8 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: Special Forces In Afghanistan”

  1. CJ M

    Well, that kinda solves the question whether or not sasquatch can see infra red doesn’t it? It is certainly seems more evident then that they don’t seem to be caught on trail cams.

    • Mickey S

      My 2 year old lab can see it- installed a IR sensor to cut on lights for my steps- I had to drag her thru it for a week. She layed flat first time I let her out.

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