Feb 15

Upcoming Show Notes with Shannon


Tomorrow, Monday the 16th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST

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On this edition, I am joined by my new co-host, Dave Hallet, who is sharing one of his interviews done with Chris, from Washington State. Chris was present for a lecture by the late Dr. Grover Krantz, who gave his insight into the Patterson-Gimlin film. He will also tell of a couple of experiences he had in WA State.

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21 Responses to “Upcoming Show Notes with Shannon”

  1. Michael M

    I’m in the dark like everyone else, but just think about Bob Garrett and a few “other coincidences” that have happened. Think what has happened to some UFO witnesses, for the last 65+ years, same M.O., different “problem”! As it stands right now, the Gov’t is saying we don’t need to know. A little bit of Federal interference goes a long way.


  2. Andrew T

    As much as we love the Monday night show the Sunday show is what makes this whole thing. People look forward all week to the Sunday show with its great intro that I never tire of. I need my show please

  3. Patrick W

    What happening here? I hope somebody isnt getting big celebrity head. Remember who got you there guys. Dont forget about the membership promises that we all got. The shows are what we signed up for. The rest of the buffer I can find myself in a few seconds w a simple search…..:)

  4. Kim

    I wish you guys would communicate with us more. At this point we are completely immersed, lock stock and barrel. We do have emotional ties with what is happening in this world! (SC) And completely out of the blue Shannon announced that Will is going to have his own show? What does that mean? Is he not affiliated with SC anymore? What the h—!

    Please talk to us!!

    Shannon you did a good job in scrambling at the last moment in getting a pre recorded going.

    • Jim D

      I’m with Kim on this, Shannon blurts out that there is going to be a new show hosted by Will called Into The Abyss. Is the show going to be on Sasquatch Chronicles or what? She said it like it was something that we all already knew…some clarity on this would be appreciated, all the Who, What, Where, Whys and Hows….

  5. Eddie M

    Sometime not being heard is the best an interviewer can do. ie last week Shannon “allowed” John to speak and seldom interrupted him and it was in my opinion the best “show notes” episode yet. Not falling in love with the sound of their own voice is a good thing for an interviewer. John was credible and Shannon recognized that. You did a great job Shannon whereas tonight it sounded as if at times interviewer was interviewing himself.

  6. Ash s

    I’m curious if Dave was told what year Chris took the course with Dr. Krantz? The reason I ask, is because the course name/number and year would be nice to validate his claim. The information presented seemed readily available to anyone outside the classroom.

    • Eddie M

      What has always made SC credible to me is the hosts have never sounded like D.J.’s because they are not. This subject is for most a source of belief not a known…Will, Wes, Woody are “knowers” Shannon is a sincere “believer” and that comes through by her disposition. No offense intended but, I don’t need “selling”….I had the most benign booger encounter in history…because I didn’t recognize it as a booger…I saw a released family pet that was doing great in the wild or at least that’s what my mind told me. Tim Baker and Jim Grant made me realize I was a “knower”….please keep this genuine. That’s why I’ve listened… I heard the live show of Campfire Shadows when Bear had to tell the guy from Wisconsin “don’t run” when a booger was right in front of him 10′ away with him squaling like a baby…that cannot be faked. Bear said I’ll let you shake hands with one…I don’t think he really believed him until that moment. I guess I’m saying this is not a D.J. Subject to me. I agree with Bear it’s one of God’s blessings…few get to see…and not to be trivialized…just my humble opinion.

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