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Upcoming Show: Night Fishing Gone Bad

A listener writes “my younger brother had a encounter back in the mid 1990’s. We live in eastern Kentucky in a small town and grew up in the woods. We hunt,Fish all of our lives.

We would Fish at night where it was cooler and the bigger fish would be out. It was still daylight when I heard off in the distance a roar but couldn’t make it out plan and my brother didn’t hear it, later on it done it again and that time he heard it too. But in the distance, so we continued to fish and talk for a few hours and by this time it’s dark. And the fog had moved in on the water. It was a quiet night and no wind or noise, we were the only people on the lake, when behind us on the other side of the lake on the bank this massive roar and the breaking brush and the shaking trees. I had never in my years heard such a horrifying scream-Roar in my life, it was trowing rocks so big it was making the water wake and moving our boat on the other side where we were fishing in my boat. I had a huge spotlight and went half way to the middle of the channel and you could see under the fog to the bank where the screaming was taking place and you could see the dirt rolling off the bank into the water but what ever it was, just far enough up we couldn’t see it for the foliage from the trees hanging down, This went on for 30 minutes it screaming and roaring like a huge dinosaur!

I have never been scared of the woods, I could sleep on a cemetery on Halloween night by myself and never get scared our dad always told us nothing will harm you in the woods other than humans and back in the 1970’s we didn’t have any big animals, the biggest were wildcats and foxes no deer or coyotes, or bear, I was 16 years old before I seen my first deer and by the time we had this encounter in the 1995-96 the wildlife agencies had stocked coyotes deer, that were doing good but no bear, deer were the biggest. so we were never scared to hunt or fish at night, but that night I was scared to death. Finally my younger brother stands up in the front of my boat and says HEY! You idiots make one more scream and I have a 357 mag. I’m going to empty at you! And 5 seconds after him saying that another rock the size of a basketball just missed the front of my boat. At this time we were only 35-40 yard away from the bank where it was , we were in the middle of the lake channel, I said to my brother, we are getting out of here cause what ever it is doesn’t know English! So we got out fast. I was afraid to get to close cause as angry acting as this thing sounded it would have jumped into the boat. This was about 11-12am at night when we finally left And went straight home. Where the encounter happened you can’t drive in only can get there by boat and we were the only ones on the lake that night. And I had another happing about 5-6 miles from this one a few years later while hunting. But wanted to tell you about the first one cause it has stayed with me all these years and each time we tell someone they say OH! it was a bear. But I have never known bear to throw huge 50 lbs rocks.

Nor make a screaming noise that will almost stop your heart or shake two trees at once that were 7/8 inches thick. I swear I know for sure what ever this thing was it was so mad if we had got off that boat where it was at it would have killed us both, I have never heard the anger in this things screams and roars and its actions to the trees, it was just pure Evil and the strength it demonstrated was super human, Thank you Wes love your show, you have help me finally open up to the fact of what encounter we had and I do think and believe with all my heart it was a Bigfoot. You had a listener send you some screams. He recorded while fishing and it was pretty much the same screams but much more anger in them. I played them to my brother and he said the same thing I did. I can’t think of any other animal that could have done what this thing did.”

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