May 25

Upcoming Show: Living Next Door To The Minnesota Iceman

Mike writes “I lived next to Capt Francis Hanson (owned the iceman) growing up. My parents and myself are still excited speak with you. My father is a retired sheriffs deputy and my mother retired from Mayo Clinic.”

I spoke to the family and they have agreed to come on the show. Carl who is Mike’s father said “I will tell you why the Minnesota Iceman disappeared. The building Capt Hanson had this creature in burned down.” Carl and his brother worked part time on the Hanson farm.

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  1. Linda B

    Yep, all you can say to that is Wow. And the building mysteriously burned down. Humm. We don’t really know how far the conspiracy theory goes back or how long ago this thing was seen but it makes you wonder. Thanks Wes! Neat.

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