Dec 6

Upcoming Show: I was not sure what I saw

Austin writes “I’ve had a 2 encounters, one with my wife and I seeing one walking to our ATV from an afternoon deer hunt and being paced out by others. Also some deer doing really odd stuff. Too many details to even put into words…”

I will also be talking to Mike and Mike says “I am in law enforcement. I handle a lot of drug cases, meth labs and marijuana grow operations in rural areas. I was in Mississippi and I stepped out of my Tahoe and this creature stepped out from the woods. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. It just stood there starring at me. Shortly after just standing there and being in shock something from the bushes started growling at me. I ran to my vehicle and left. I have heard strange noises before from the woods and now I think it might have been these things…”

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