Apr 18

Upcoming Show: I have never been so scared

A listener who was out for a hike wrote into the show and has agreed to come on and share her encounter. The encounter took place in Canada. Here is a small portion of that encounter:

“I began to think the bear looked odd. Really odd. Just as the thought formed, the bear began to stand up, and it was no bear at all. I guess at full height it was well over 8 feet tall. It was hair covered, and black. It swiveled at the waist, did not turn it’s head at all, rather it’s whole upper body turned towards the left. Then it’s legs followed and it stood side on to me for a split second.

In one fluid motion it was out the water, on the back and moving towards the tree line directly in front of me. It looked like it was on skates. The movement was like nothing I could understand. I was frozen on the spot. It was only about 200 feet away, it turned towards me for just a split second, showing me it’s teeth and giving off a “gerrrruuufffff” sound…that was low and rumbling.

I could see it’s face. Not human at all…well I guess perhaps in some sense it was. But it was not normal at all. The eyes seemed dark, but from that distance it was more of an impression than actual sight. The mouth however was huge, it had shown me it’s teeth twice, making kind of a grimacing face as it did so. I have never been so scared.”

10 Responses to “Upcoming Show: I have never been so scared”

    • Lou V

      Mike I thought that particular show you posted was great. I wish Wes would have him on right? So he could dive into that book his grandfather kept. Dude was a great interview with awesome encounters.

  1. Trent M

    Michael, what I like about that encounter is that it proves with enough rifle these things can be taken out. I’m not saying kill anyone should kill one for no reason but if you are still going to access the woods for leisure you can equip yourself with the right gun/ammo combo to feel a little bit safer.

    • Lou V

      Of course that can be taken out. We have made calibers for African game well over 1,000 pounds. There are around 6 calibers designed to take out Sasquatch sized animals and will do it fast. I know a man that shot one I told the story on episode 103 issue is like in many cases the other Sasquatch drag the bodies off.

      • Michael L

        Yes, I don’t believe it could walk away 2.5 miles after being hit with a Weatherby. No doubt his troop carried him away…This was one of Brent’s best interviews, but I would love to hear Wes do it and also ask about Grandpa’s journal..

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