Aug 20

Upcoming Show: Beasts of the World

I will be chatting with Andy McGrath about his new book Beasts of the World. Beasts of the World is a seven-part series, which seeks to investigate the histories, evidence, and common theories surrounding the numerous cryptid creatures that have been reported around the globe. Get it on Amazon or where you buy books.



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  1. Brian L

    Thanks Wes. Does anyone recollect a book back in the 70’s named ‘Oil and Water don’t mix’?
    Or something close to that name?
    I’m remembering a book I read in early elementary school 1977-9 ish about Sasquatch, with that name.
    I searched and nothing popped up…..
    The book must have been limited print way before internet…..

      • Brian L

        Thanks John.
        When I was elementary school in the 70’s, the school library would get books with the covers ripped off, but readable, so those books were reading class……
        This book I’m sorta looking for was the first book I read on the subject, and it was maybe 40 pages with a few illustrations. I’t would bring back 40+ year old memories if I could read it again….

        • John A

          Brian – only thing I could find is this but I can’t access it for you
          Tracking Bigfoot Through 1970s North American Children’s Culture: How Mass Media, Consumerism, and the Culture of Preadolescence Shaped Wildman Lore
          Joshua Blu Buhs
          Western Folklore
          Vol. 70, No. 2 (Spring 2011), pp. 195-218 (24 pages)
          Published By: Western States Folklore Society

          But I’ll check around a few bibliographic databases for you.

  2. Brian L

    Thanks John.

    Publisher Information
    Through a collaborative program, the Western States Folklore Society and the American Folklore Society are making the back issues of Western Folklore available through individual subscriptions. For more information on obtaining access, please contact the American Folklore Society. The Western States Folklore Society (originally the California Folklore Society) was founded in 1941.

  3. Brian L

    John A.
    Thank you very much……sincerely.
    I feel I’m closer to finding that one original book that sparked my interest….. and led me to Dr. Bindernagel….Green…..Meldrum….
    Bob Gimlin……..the truth…..

  4. Linda B

    My lifeline, a very cool podcast host and his super cool following members and guests while my poor husband does Round 2 of covid. I’m sure it will all work out, just like the times when the monster walks away if you know what. I mean. God bless everyone.

    • Jeremiah S

      Linda B I pray that every bit of that sickness your husband is experiencing would flee in Jesus name. Made whole in health and healing. He’s our creator, healer, and life giver. Nothing passes through His hands with him know it. Give the Glory to Him and He will multiply it beyond your imagination. Gob Bless you Linda B.

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