Jan 19

Upcoming Show: A Monkey In The Barn

Josh writes “I live in Western KY. Almost all the encounters happened within 5 miles of each other, several on the same property. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences. I’m not seeking fame, I just want to get these out there so other researchers can use the info to help them.”

Spoke to Josh and he shared over 20 years of sightings on his uncles property. Josh said “The first time my uncle was clearing trees off his property and I heard what sounded like a lion roaring. I heard it over all of the equipment we had running. I remember feeling like I was being watched and my uncle had this old barn on the property that had the roof falling in. I looked over and saw this….monkey a very large monkey standing in the doorway watching me. This wasn’t the only time I had run into these things. I really did not know what it was at the time.

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  1. Richard S

    Can’t wait love Wes germers productions I’d like to hear you doore interviews and share more of your thoughts too wes your humble honest and self effecting you act like a listener that’s why your show is so popular

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