Dec 9

UAMN TV: In Search Of Valiant Thor

UAMN TV writes ” In Search of Valiant Thor – A professional research team, consisting of William Crowley, George Filer, David Kailbeitzer, Franks Chile Jr., and Paola Harris, recently revisited High Bridge, New Jersey. They returned to the estate of Howard Menger, a contactee from the 1950s, to investigate the presence of extraterrestrial beings known as Venusian Val Thor, Donn, his brother, and ship commander Jill. These encounters were originally documented in Frank Stranges’ book, ‘Stranger in the Pentagon.

This must-watch presentation featuring our dear friend, Paola Leopizzi Harris. Paola is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter specializing in research related to extraterrestrial phenomena. She has been studying this phenomenon since 1979 and has established personal relationships with many prominent researchers in the field.”

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