May 31

Two Times In My Life I Have Heard This Exact Sound

A listener writes “When I heard this on YouTube, my heart started pounding! I can’t believe this is recorded. I have a friend that’s way into bigfoot and when I heard this, I shared it with him. He immediately linked me told me to your Podcast and now I’ve got the addiction.

The two times I heard this is engraved in great detail in my memory. I know exactly what I was doing and where I was.

The 1st time I was 18 years old in 1985 and archery hunting by myself a couple miles East up above my truck in Wasatch County, Utah. I was sitting on the top ridge of the mountain and waiting till dark to start on the trail back. I knew the country well enough that I could hike the trail in the dark and I wanted to wait because during that half hour of twilight, the deer are most active.

After the sun set, I remember sitting there for a few minutes and then the howl started. At first, I remember just kind of ignoring it as it continued to repeat itself exactly like on that recording. And then after several minutes, my hair started to stand up on the back of my neck and I knew that it was time to go. I could not place that sound with any animal that I was aware of. It was so powerful and dominating as it just echoed over and over.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and I was solo hunting east of Kamas, Utah up in the Uintah’s. I was coyote hunting and had my fawn decoy out with a fawn call yelling for help. Once again the sun had just set and I got ready for an approaching yote. Then that booming howl started again. It is so distinct and powerful. Again, it repeated itself over and over. I wish so badly that I would have even had the thought to pull out my phone and start recording it. My hair stood up on the back of my Neck and I gathered up my stuff and headed back to my truck.

To be out in the wild and hear something so unique and commanding is truly humbling. I have heard and called all the predators here locally and that is not one of the known animals.”

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  1. Nick H

    That reminds me of the howl in American werewolf in London. I wouldn’t like that prowling around the woods here. Sounds like a large set of lungs.

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