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Two creatures sighted from tree stand


Estimated date: Nov 2011

Estimated time: 5:00pm

Nearest city: Lawrenceburg, KY

Nearest Road(s): Bondsmill

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10- 20 seconds

The encounter:

While deer hunting I saw 2 creatures run (more like a fast jog) across an open field, looking behind them intermittently. One was larger and mostly black. The other smaller and more blonde colored (dark coyote colored). After they disappeared into the woods I pulled my scope up to try and locate them in the woods and could only make out “movement”. I waited about 10-15 minutes (getting dark now), went to the house for a better flashlight and my hand gun. I returned to the field and pond at the edge of the woods where they entered the woods but found nothing and was afraid to actually enter the woods.

Describe the creature with detail:

Extremely long arms and covered in hair from top of head to feet. Thick trunk (barrel chested) with no distinguishing facial features observable other than inset eyes. Taller one was in excess of 6 1/2 feet easily. The smaller one was only slightly smaller but lighter colored. They kind of glided as they ran…very smooth.

Any additional Info:

After thinking about it, I barely had any apples stay on the ground this year after dropping. I usually see tons of deer on this property and saw NONE this year.

Follow-Up: 2-19-12

November 2011 around 5:00pm, witness Sam was in his deer stand when he saw two bipedal hairy creatures run across a field. The smaller one (about 6′ tall) had “coyote color” hair and the larger one (about 8′ tall) had typical dark, black colored hair. The hair seemed matted, not long or flowing– maybe 5 inches long. They had extremely long arms. He said “I couldn’t believe how long the arms were”, they hung very low just past the knees. As they ran, they did not bounce like a jogger, they glided smoothly. His first thought it was a couple of guys gully suits, but when he saw the long arms he knew it wasn’t someone in a suit. The squatches were about 35 yards from his tree stand. They came out of the woods and ran across a field which was about 100 yards long. He estimates they crossed the field about 10 seconds. As they crossed the field they would turn to look behind them (3 times), twisting their upper bodies from the hip, never breaking their stride. It was as if they were running from something. The bodies were “barrel-chested, stocky, like a football player”, not much of a neck and the heads were shaped like they had “hoodies on” and “a little pointy at the top”. The eyes were “really inset”. The face on the larger one was darker than its hair color, however on the smaller one the face color matched the hair color. The bottoms of their feet appeared to be “like ours, but a tan/dirty color”. Upper torsos were very hairy, however the legs were more muscular and a little less hairy. No smell or sounds were noted. Witness said his property is basically a “deer sanctuary” but hasn’t seen one deer this year. He also has several apple trees, but has found no apples on the ground. Additional information: In 2006 his four year old daughter said she saw two big monkeys in the backyard; one seemed to be waving at her (or swinging its arm). To this day, she continues to ask, “Where are those two monkeys? Sam never gave this any thought until his encounter. He did return to the field the next day to look for tracks, however the ground was covered with thick vegetation not conducive to reveling tracks.

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


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  1. Eddie M

    About 6 years ago I was returning from Region Basketball tourney at my alma mater University in Americus, Ga my daughter was playing…as I approached Andersonville ( yep that one) I saw to my left a head of deer running as if a pride of lions were chasing them…then I saw another group, then another, then another I stopped my car…there were approximate 8 groups of 6-10 deer running for their life coming through the woods crossing in front of where I stopped my car in the road U. S. Hwy 49. Each groups was getting closer to my location…they started 100 Yds out and each one got progressively closer…before I realized at the last second….a huge 10 or 12 pt buck destroyed my driver door and quarter panel with me sitting dead still…the groups of deer passed behind my stopped vehicle as far as I could see in the dark…I don’t know what chasing them but, I had never seen that many deer running for their life in my life…this area is approx. 10 miles south of Oflethorpe where a lady had shot thru her wall at a booger beating on her house.

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