Aug 30

Trucker Captures Eerie Howling At Rest Stop

I do not have a ton of information on this video. It was sent to me and here is what little I know about it. “A truck driver caught something unexpected at a rest stop in the Pacific Northwest.

In the video, truck driver Danny Ramirez records a video of an unknown animal bellowing in the woods outside a rest stop. The sound, which lies somewhere between a moan and a roar, is shocking and unearthly. He was not willing to get out of the cab to investigate.

This video was taken on Highway 97, and in the comments section several locals say they, too, have heard the sound at rest stops along the route.

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  1. Charles R

    Oh my gosh. Definitely one of the best recordings in a long time. Either someone in the forest (since others have heard it) has some great sound system set up, or it is one of our forest buddies.

    • Rick F

      Yes Indeed it is one of the best !!
      Maybe someone will analyze the recording to see if it was real or electronic. If real, it tops the Ohio Howl in my book !

  2. Ron S

    We live in a very reactionary society, keep that in mind. We are conditioned by media on “appropriate or common ways people respond to situations” by what we see or is fed to our brains through “news”.

    Yes, I have heard things like the Ohio howl, unearthly loud growls, super weird and eerie whistles, rock tapping, tree knocks, massive and multiple tree breaks and crashes, whoops (Moorehead two toned whoop) and a terrifying angry scream. Some of them I wasn’t alone and are corroborated.

    Yes, this stuff can freak you out and put you instantly on high alert, but to be honest, through all of that, I still need to see something to believe it… I never count out the possibility of technology.

    What if a satellite or aircraft can beam down a precise frequency of sound? We do have the capability to cancel sound with negative sound waves… so why not? Just because we haven’t been shown every form of technology doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Personally I feel like I have pretty good instincts and intuition which I rely on heavily. I wouldn’t say I was ever instinctually afraid of any strange sounds I’ve ever immediately heard…

    I believe if there was any fear involved resulting in something I heard (that I only sometimes experienced), it was because I generated it myself by letting my imagination run wild and expand upon it.

    I have seen Beings also, but I’ve never seen one making any sound at the time I was witnessing it… maybe I just haven’t seen everything yet, or maybe there’s something more to it, idk.

    Take it for what it’s worth. I’m still sorting it all out myself.

    • Ron S

      Also, these fricken’ phones… It’s getting really old and obvious already that you can’t have a conversation with someone, text, purchase anything, travel or take a picture of something without getting more advertisements on different spaces within the web directly related to the same off the wall thing.

      Thank you Wes for leaving pop ups and adds off this site.

      Not that I have anything to hide but all this monitoring is highly invasive. I know many of you out there have experienced the same thing. I even believe my online activity as well as my personal life is making judgments or assumptions about my personality right along with more factual things, believe it or not.

      I’m almost certain of this as because I don’t look at pornography, my phone has surmised I have E.D.😂
      You wouldn’t believe how many adds I get for that, denture grip and health care.

      What can I say? I take it as a compliment for having old fashioned values and an old soul.🌞

      And why do we always need the whole phone anyway, especially when we go out for a walk or a hike? Shouldn’t they have a complimentary device that can only be used for emergency purposes?

      They could make it small enough to be on a necklace or keychain and add it as a companion device with each phone… I think everyone would use that once in a while instead of always being spied on, don’t you?

      Sometimes I feel like I can’t even come up with a new invention for something (which I love to do) without the thought that my original idea is being ripped off by my ear/eye phone and sold somewhere else.

      The emergency companion device, they can have that one, please start producing it.

      No cameras, no screen, no locator, one small speaker and microphone that only connects when opened and one emergency call from anywhere. Good enough.

  3. Ron S

    I’m telling you, I don’t trust every YT’er out there and have no affiliations with anyone.

    Wes feel free to delete this if it’s not cool to plug someone’s channel but I feel it’s necessary to speak up when I find something I deem credible, because it doesn’t happen often.

    I have been following this guy’s channel for quite a while. Same and only channel I ever recommended here and only once before.

    I don’t always agree with his ideas and hardly ever comment on his videos, but he is getting evidence that feels correct to me. The same guy that captured some strange orbs and that phantom looking thing that drops to the ground.

    Check out his last few videos. He just posted one a few hours ago with sounds in ep.#55. There’s nothing in me that says he’s making this up. I don’t like that especially that he uses a spirit box app on occasion but it is what it is. Bigfooter Gary

  4. Janetta V

    That loud roar was so loud that nothing earthly could have done it. We all know it was bigfoot, but their lung capacity amazes me, I would bet that was heard for miles as it traveled down through the valleys. Makes me want to shiver and pull in close and tight somewhere with my kitty cats around me. Thank you Wes, I so enjoy these kind of recordings.

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