Jan 15

Tree Knocks And Structure On Christmas Day In Kentucky

Bluegrass Sasquatch writes “Exploring a little known location in Central Kentucky that I believe has Sasquatch living in its woodlands.”

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  1. Charles R

    This gent would have liked what I saw 2 weeks ago. The wife and my son went up to visit my Sister and BIL in Gladwin County, MI where they purchased a large retirement home and property on Secord Lake. It was pretty with a foot of snow and the Jack Pines were covered in snow the whole 4 days. Upon leaving we took the long way out on North West Branch Road. The county had not plowed these roads the entire time and thus we moved at no more than 25 mph, with me scanning the lake houses and the forest on the other side of the road. One mile north a tree caught my attention as we drove by. I backed up about 50 yards with the wife a bit irritated by this. However we stopped at the tree. It was about 30 foot in length, and around 18 inches, maybe more in width, and was leaning from near the edge of the road up into a Y space in an adjacent tree at about a 60 degree angle from the ground. It certainly weighed hundred of pounds. The wife and son were wondering what is so special about this tree that fell over. I stated look – this tree did not fall over, it was carried in. Look at the top. The bottom of the tree where it had been broke off by some method, nature or other, was at the top in the Y and it was clearly broke and not cut. They agreed it did not seem natural. I kind of kicked my self for not taking a drive earlier in our trip to look for such things, but it probably will still be there in the summer when we return where I can examine it more closely.

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