May 10

Traveling This Week

I want to thank the members for their patience. Due to traveling this week the shows will be delayed. I am working on getting the live show recorded and will post it here for those who were unable to make it. Have a great weekend everyone.

12 Responses to “Traveling This Week”

    • Denise F

      FS, it maybe but it’s hard to do a regular show traveling and live. Mr.Gimlin was nice enough to travel with him to Houston and answer questions AGAIN, ?

  1. David S

    Hope you guys didn’t have any issues with that major hail storm that hit Houston yesterday. Also hope none of the fellow members on here sustained and damage either. Sounds like it was pretty bad. Hoping for a New England area meet and greet some time.

  2. Nicholas S

    Was wondering where is the episodes…I’ve been waiting all week. logged in Saturday morning early early and was like there’s no Friday show? it’s Sunday there’s no Sunday show..?. what happened to Wes. Had to do a little looking and I should have known better you told us on the last podcast. Can’t wait for the next episode hopefully it’s a hunter’s story those are the best.

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