Jan 5

Trail Cam Image captured In Pennsylvania

James “Bobo” Fay of Finding Bigfoot tv show fame posted the above image of a possible bigfoot captured by a trail cam in Pennsylvania.

Fay says the picture was taken in Clara County, PA, research shows that there is no Clara County but there is a Clara Township which is located in Potter County. The game cam photo was snapped in the fall of 2015. Fay makes a comparison to the Jacobs creature, another famous trail camera photo from Pennsylvania a few years back.


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  1. Dave P

    Looks like there’s a bit of a tail, appears like a triangular stub above the butt. It looks rather lean if it is a recent picture, also could have a few mangy areas on it’s fur (too short to be called hair). It doesn ‘t look like a healthy, supposed to be hibernating, bear either. Evidently the head is pointed down as it’s probably sniffing something. Being Bear, Coonbo should be nearby.

  2. Augustine L

    Feet look wrong for a bear, arms are too long, torso seems too long as well. That might be a tail but it might not be. Legs seem too short for a squatch. Hands appear to be holding onto something at the base of the boxy thing. Hands don’t grow on bears…. I give it a 70% bear likelihood.

  3. Jack A

    I’m pretty surprised no one has questioned why, if this is from a trail cam, we aren’t seeing this thing when it first entered it’s field of vision. I got a trail cam for Christmas and when I walked in front of it to test it the cam snapped a pick when my NOSE first entered the frame. I was mid-stride with my heel just touching the ground and my toes were still off the ground, that’s how easy it is to trigger these cams. If this can was set to capture one image, that thing shouldn’t have been able to get that far into the center of the image. If the cam was set up to take multiple photos each time it’s triggered, where are those? Doesn’t add up.

    • Paula B

      Jack A, very good point. Also, Google ‘bear standing up’ everyone…I did, didn’t see any bear with arms that long, or legs that long from end of spine to where the foot begins. Having said all that, the photo appears doctored – just my take on it. I say either
      juvenile bigfoot or fake. Anyway. Augustine L, the ‘hairy pants that have been ironed’ comment made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

    • Marc C

      I’m with you, Brother. Where are the coming and going pictures? Even a plot watcher camera should have had another pic or two. Things that make ya go, “Hmmm…..”.

  4. Erik N

    It’s. A bear 100% . I’ve seen a lot of mangy bears in my life time and you really wouldn’t want to see them skinned out hanging at the taxidermist either because they look so human like without fur and skin . Spooky to say the least !

  5. Janetta V

    Why would anyone even consider a bear for one second. Bears don’t look like that!!!! But it is Bobo in a bad suit. 100% fake. As usual with those guys. Sure glad it’s there final season.

  6. Michael K

    Oops press to early..anyway chair settie (or whatever you call it) has a shadow (including legs) inserted image has none

  7. stephen P

    Well, who needs the vicious ‘bigfoot community’ when it’s right here?. That may be a man in a suit but how can anyone seriously say ‘bear’, unless you work for the authorities I suppose!. You know the ones who infiltrate and attack and condemn no matter what.
    The fact that ‘Bobo’ posted it then means the usual slating of ‘Finding Bigfoot’. Imagine, a major t.v company invests in a major t.v series trying to locate a mythical creature which most people who mention encountering it are called ‘crazy’!.
    The show runs for several series. It creates worldwide interest in the subject and serious debate. More and more people show interest and enthusiasm for the subject. People who have had encounters suddenly have enough confidence to come forward and speak of their experiences.
    Yep, it’s Scooby Doo and yes they are unlikely to actually find bigfoot, but hey, it’s a major t.v series creating large increases in getting to find the truth. The wider ‘bigfoot community’ says ‘it’s not ideal, but at least someone is taking this seriously on a large scale’. They’d be delighted you’d think?….but oh no,lets diss it,slag it off, ridicule it and it’s presenters…unbelievable….

  8. Tedd

    I would say bear if I was shown the picture by a friend and no connection to any group or people was attached. I see a tail not a suit, not saying I know but what my first instinct is. Surprised others are sure it’s not but I would bet a few bucks on those odds!

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