Apr 4

Tracks I Cannot Debunk

A listener writes “I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I’ve been listening to your show since the very beginning. It’s been fun seeing your podcast grow. I’ve been on the fence about contacting you because I’ve been trying to debunk what I saw since it happened.

Every once in a while I’ll just think about the prints that I saw, I wonder what the heck were those!? To be honest, I’m kinda hoping you’ll look at the pictures and say something like, “oh yeah, those are commonly mistaken for Bigfoot tracks, I see those all the time…”

This happened back in Feb. of 2023. I work in advertising, making TV commercials mostly. When Covid hit in 2020 my business was shut down and all the jobs we had lined up to shoot cancelled. My wife at the time, and still today, works at a private school and although they shut down in the spring of 2020 they were back in the classrooms by the fall of 2020. The school needed some video work done and since I was out of work I said sure. It turned into a regular gig.

One day I was shooting some student, teacher interviews on an upper floor, of a wing, to a building, that isn’t really in use, in fact it’s suppose to be haunted but that’s another story. The woman that I work with at the school had gone to go get the next group to be interviewed, and at the same time, I got a call from my producer. As I spoke on the phone I paced around the room, looking out the windows to the outside. I happened to glance down at the snow and saw tracks and the first thing that caught my attention was that the tracks had a ridge in the middle of what looked like a footprint. This made me think immediately of Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s mid-tarsal break that I’d seen in prints online or on shows. Once I was done with my call I took some pictures of the prints from the second story window. By that time a new group had come and I got ready to shoot another round of teachers and students.

I was so intrigued by what I saw but kept telling myself it didn’t make sense because the school is located in a suburb of Minneapolis. The next morning, a Saturday, I told my wife what had happened and showed her the pictures. She immediately said they were snow shoe prints and that the students had had a snow shoe event about a week and a half a go.

I said, yeah I thought about that, but I told her I could see snow shoe tracks as well as other, regular people tracks from the vantage point I was at in the second floor and these were different. She agreed. I said, I want to grab a tape measure and go drive out there right now and look at what I saw at ground level. So we did, we went back out there and these track were about 5 to 6 feet apart. So what the hell? What does that? I know based on your show and testimonials that I’ve heard these things are places you would never imagine, but in Mendota Heights Minnesota!? I’m still not convinced that an actual Bigfoot made these prints but I’m just puzzled, still to this day.

I took lots of pictures and video and I will share some in this email. Let me know what you think.”



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  1. Linda B

    One more thing, since you have listened from the beginning, you know you have heard and so have I the woo side of things. If tracks can start and stop without a beginning or really an end and appear from nowhere, they can appear anywhere as in having a paranormal side.

  2. Charles R

    17 to 18 inches long and maybe half that in width, it well could be. Actually this is a really good photo from the second floor and shows a straight line of tracks which immediately rules out snow shoes, plus snow shoes would not make the mid tarsal ridge which is easy to discern. Looking at a map this area, the Mississippi River or Tributaries are not all that far away and would be an avenue to get in and out of this area, at night of course. I bet there are other homeowners in this area that found these tracks are are scratching their heads of what this could be. I am glad you decided to send this to Wes.

    • Charles R

      Is this the Illinois River? Years ago I read of reports of greenbelt/ park areas that extend across the southern Chicago Metro area, but have not heard of any recently. You may enjoy this one which was published by the Kentucky BRO this past year down on the Illinois River by Henry, IL. Two gentleman while fishing, years ago, witnessed a family of 5 being in the Illinois River and climbing out as a barge went by and lit them up with the barge lights.


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