Apr 8

Total Solar Eclipse LIVE

The Science Channel writes “WATCH LIVE: The Total Solar Eclipse reaches totality over Waco, Texas. Plus, hear from experts from Lowell Observatory and Baylor University as they discuss this rare phenomenon.”


Link to the video



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  1. Charles R

    Boy, we lucked out here is my area of Darke County, OH, where a 100 percent total eclipse took place right at 3.08 PM. Previous week was nasty cold and gobs of rain and of course no sun. Then on Sunday it improved and Monday was our best day of the year, total sunshine and 75 degrees. About 9 am I notice the sky is being painted extensively with the chem trails coming out of WPAFB. The weather channel was at Indy speedway, and they talked about these chem trails as clouds. I guess they are oblivious. I was blowing a gasket and cussing this top secret program that has been going on for 25 years now. Around noon they backed off and all we had was a slight haze. At 2.32 PM I started Pink Floyds Remastered Dark Side of the Moon Album and the song came on promptly when the total eclispe happened for over 3 minutes with a gorgeous and breath taking Corona, something I had never witnessed before. All in all, a day I will always remember.

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