Sep 12

Tonight’s Show: Walking Like A Man

Maurice writes “Recently wife and I went camping and she was awoken by what she described as monkeys in the woods. That is the most recent. My first encounter was when I was about five or six, so 1981-82. My grandfather and I were in the Yukon on the OLD Alaska highway headed towards either Whitehorse or Dawson City, its been a while we went to both but not sure which was first. On a straight stretch which if you ever been is far and few. I saw a bear crossing the road but my grandfather had already seen it and was slowing down. He looked at me and says bears don’t walk like that on two legs! That was at most ten seconds, approximately two hundred yards maybe a little more, very large. And nothing was talked about after. Few years go by and a couple things happen to make me question that my grandfather had encountered them previously.

We will also be chatting with Mike who had an encounter in Pennsylvania. Mike writes “Been listening to your show for about 4 months now and I am so glad I found it. Good to hear so many people had encounters like my father and I. I guess we aren’t hallucinating! Anyway we both saw the sasquatch from our car. My father saw it twice during the same trip and that leads into how I saw it. My dad kept going on and on about this horse so I turned around to go back and look. I saw the “horse” he was talking about. As soon as I stopped the car it stood up and walked away like a man. This was no horse.”


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