Apr 2

Tonights Show: Pacing Like It Was Nervous

Tonight I will be speaking to James and Dalla. Dalla had her encounter in Utah. She writes “This was in 1972 – this is many years before people started building and developing in this Canyon…

Very beautiful narrow canyon – a little two way canyon road. Lots of trees along the little brook and cliffs on the east side, and more rugged steep Mountainland on the west side of the road. We were driving north. It seems like it was around noon time – I remember the sun it was around noon time –

When all of a sudden, one of the adults in the car seen a giant bird land on top of a cliff (on the east side of the road) everyone was scrambling to look out the windows,

Dad pulled off the side of the road and stop the car so we could marvel at this giant Eagle. There was a cave structure down and to the left of where the Eagle had landed… and there it was…. There was a long shaggy hair creature, standing in front of the cave.. it stood there, it was standing there looking down at us. It stood like a man on two legs but kind of hunched or top; big head no neck heavy big shoulders long arms.

It was completely covered with golden brown rust color shaggy “hair” – I was looking at it from a distance, but I could tell it had long, shaggy hair it was not fur.

I remember its arms hung down much lower than normal like by its knees- and I remember it swinging its arms as it stood there looking at us. like maybe it was nervous. It was too far away to see facial details. At the time, excitedly talking we all knew It definitely was not a bear. And my brother who was about 24 yrs old at the time, grandfather and dad we’re talking about maybe it was a man in a costume, but what would he be doing up there in a costume?

I remember the adults, talking back-and-forth rapidly and questioning what we were looking at – my older brother and dad quickly decided they were going to hike up the the hill side to get a better look..

(this all happened simultaneously and quickly like I want to say all within like 20 minutes)

I remember my mom was getting very nervous, as dad and my brother headed up the hiss side towards the cliff, the Sasquatch started pacing back-and-forth in front of the cave like it didn’t know what to do with the two men coming up the hillside – it’s arms hanging longer than a persons were- swinging back and forth in a strange motion maybe like an ape?

it seemed nervous and paced back and forth in front of the cave on the ledge.

My mom was starting to call out to dad to come back and she started going into panic mode.

My dad and brother got up to the ledge where the Bigfoot had been standing.. the Sasquatch had gone somewhere out of our view.

At this point mom had gone hysterical, and frantically shoveled us kids back into the car. She was screaming at my dad and my brother to come back, to get down off the hillside… mom got in the driver seat and started driving…

Mom was inching down the road ready to step on the gas if that creature came up out of the ravine after us. She was truly very terrified.

I was looking out the window extremely worried about leaving my dad and my brother.

Now, At this point, they were scrambling down the hill side. And when they made it to the road, they were waving their arms, and yelling at mom to stop the car… finally she did and dad got in behind the wheel and my brother got in the car and we drove off…”


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  1. Dalla R

    Andrew, what episode is marble Mountain I’d like to hear it ..

    and yes, Stacey, a creeper in a costume up on a ledge can’t be good. The behavior of it and the way it moved it’s limbs and torso is all to similar as to what other eye witnesses have seen.

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