Feb 21

Tonight’s Show: “ARK! ARK! Who Goes There”

A listener writes “Wes, I had an encounter back in 1989, I was 15 yrs old in MI. Left Detroit when I was 10 in 1984 to MI. The woods were new to me, which I spent every waking moment in the woods as a 80’s kid especially since coming from the city.

It was myself, my brother, my best friend Scott, his brother and a mutual friend of all of ours. We built a half pipe in the woods and we skating it. One night we all started smelling something rancid and after awhile we all heard something crashing towards us.

Sounded like no other animal in the woods, it was charging at us and making a noise which I never heard before or afterwards in the woods. All I can say it was like an ARK vocal. It ran like a bulldozer, it was coming to our ramp. It was definitely bi pedal. Step after step going through bushes and trees, it was nuts. I have a lot more to tell and would like to talk with you and my best friend that was there. I never saw it, I ran. Scott saw it. Thanks for your time.”

I spoke to three of the witnesses and they have agreed to come on the show. Scott the witness mentioned above was within 6 feet of the creature. I also spoke to his brother Dave. Dave also saw the creature that night. All men describe the creature making a strange sound, Scott said “It was weird…kind of robotic…it was screaming ARK ARK and right before it chased us one of the guys thought someone was playing a joke on us and said ARK ARK who goes there! It got REAL really fast, this was no joke.”

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  1. m99

    Weird. Ark? You know how BF mimics people sometimes? I’m wondering if it was trying to say, Hark? Looking forward to this episode. I love Michigan encounters. Thanks Wes.

    • Sharity

      Omg! I’m totally weirded out right now. Ever since listening to this show, I’ve seen 2 words in my head and felt like I should tell the Dave guy in the story. I wasn’t going to say anything, because I didn’t want to sound crazy, but when I saw your name, I had to because it’s not a common name. One of the words was Josephine! The other was Poland, maybe Polish. I have no idea if it means anything to the Dave guy; probably doesn’t mean anything.

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