Nov 13

Tonight’ Show: It Was Just There

My first guest had an encounter in the Oil Creek State Park in PA. David is a Marine and was hiking alone when he came upon the creature. I will play an audio tonight that he close to what he heard. Justin said “It was huge, the shoulders where massive. It did a strange vocalization and than went down the hill. I have never seen anything move like that.”



I will also be speaking to Justin who had an encounter on a property in South Carolina. Justin writes ” “When I was a teenager my family moved to South Carolina. We lived outside of a small rural town in the northern central Savannah river area.

The house were lived in was an old farm house on about 80 acres. It hadn’t been farmed in long time but you could still make out where the fields were. It was surrounded by hunting club land and paper company tree areas. The woods there never really sat well with me. At night I almost always felt like something was watching me. More so during the fall and winter. I’d grown up camping and started hunting when moved out there. I never really had issues with feeling unsafe in the woods except there. Even if I was carrying a shotgun or rifle I was uneasy. I would tell myself that it was all in my head and try and shake it off.

Well one year I was around 16 I think my dad and I were out walking the property checking on some food plots he’d planted. We were walking back from the back 40 along an old fence line talking when we heard this guttural roaring sound that lasted what seemed like forever. We both instantly stopped and froze. We were down in a bottom surrounded by hills. The sound appeared like it was coming from behind and above us. The hairs on the back of my neck and head stood up. Even though we were both carrying 12 gauges with buckshot I didn’t feel safe. We turned to each other and asked if you heard that. We both nodded and continued back to the house. We asked my mother if she heard anything and she said no but the dogs started barking 20-30 mins before we got back. It was about 20-30 mins for us to get back to the house. I had never heard anything like that before until later that year my brother and I were watching a show on the skunk ape they played a scream and it sounded just like what I had heard. I never heard anything after that but the uneasy feeling never left.

A few months later my dad was reading out in the garage. He said he was reading and had the feeling of something watching him. He looked up and in a shadow of a tree in the old fence line he saw a silhouette leaning out and staring at him. It was about 15’ away He said it looked like it was harry and around 4-5’ tall. He stared at it and stared back not making any noise. He didn’t move he just looked. It would lean out and look for a little while and then go back behind the tree then lean out and look some more. He said this went on for about 30 mins and then stopped.

A few months after that my aunt was visiting. Late one night around 12-1 she told us that she went out back to have a smoke. While she was out there a small around 2-3’ bipedal furry animal walked out from behind the pump house and stared at her. She said it looked kinda like a little monkey. Dark hair and skin. It just stared didn’t make any noise. She stood there kinda stunned and after a couple of mins it walked back into the woods.

Over the years I’d have a couple of scares when I was home alone. I’d be watching tv or working on something and Banging would happen. Like banging on the exterior walls. It would startle me a bit and I’d go check to see if the Dogs had knocked something over. I’d find them barking with nothing out of place.

These things would happen over 2-3 years and then it stopped once the paper company cleared their trees out.

I never was really a believer of a Sasquatch but after I connected that sound with the howl I heard on that show and the calls I’ve heard you guys play. I’m know that it’s real. When I hear those howls it still gives me goosebumps.”

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