Oct 22

Tomorrow Night: The Other Realm

At the end of episode 897 Ric talks about being in a house and being pinned against a wall by his throat. Ric shared with me his journey trying to find answers with what ghosts are.

I will be posting that show tomorrow night. I know some are just here for Sasquatch. I am also working on a Sasquatch show because the ghost show may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I think it is fascinating.

I am pushing to put two shows out for you members tomorrow.

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  1. William L

    I would like to hear more from Ric. His thoughts on the origins of Sasquatch are very close to mine and that makes me interested in what else he has to say. Two shows also works from me, Wes. Hope it works out.

  2. STEVE W

    Everyone has a spiritual journey they will be forced to take, You wont get out of this life without making a choice,
    Ghosts should tell everyone that death is not final, I told my son that the day I die is my new birthday, Forget the earthly one
    Ohh and the choices are Is there a God? Is there a heaven or hell? It dont take long to know evil spirits are real,

  3. Trent M

    Wes, I appreciate the extra show and although when you 1st started I only had an interest in Sasquatch I have come along way after years of listening to your show and the many strange encounters. I’m now open to many of these things being related and proving we just don’t know many of the rules of the universe yet. Thanks so much for all the work you put in for us members!

  4. Linda B

    Thank you, Wes. I know its a lot of work putting out two shows, I hope things don’t get too frustrating and thank you whether there is one show or two tomorrow. I would watch them 24-7 if I had my way. It’s not all about me and I don’t want to give that impression at all, but I’ve had experiences to know ghosts are real. I’m confused about the difference between ghosts and demons, I think ghosts are dead people spirits that don’t go to the light and demons are from the devil. I pray over every antique I bring into my old victorian and I use the name of Jesus to cast stuff off and out whenever I feel them around. So, listening to Ric Sunday night will be pretty awesome and I’m sure I’ll agree with Rics take on things. Take care.. Thanks again.

    • Charles R

      I tend to agree Ms Linda. However, I think that even the souls that go to the light can come back and visit, for a brief amount of time. Experiments have shown that a particle can be in 2 places at the same time. I think particles may be able to be in a myriad of places at the same time, therefore. And this would be loved ones that have passed and come and manifest as voices or even appearance for but a brief time. I would just call these spirits. This actually happened to myself and my wife when her son passed from Cystic Fibrosis in Dec. 2013. In ensuring Jan. 2014 we both heard whispering that we could not make out. It happened about 3 times for me. We assumed it must be Jeremy trying to get a message through to us. Then one morning as it got light in my connected office the whispering happened one last time. And then a large dog bark happened. My golden retriever Rush ran to the glass outside door to see the dog and was waging his tail. I look out all over, my office is a sun room, and can not see any dog. My stepson, Jeremy, had come back and brought his and our other golden retriever, Sabin, with him. Sabin had passed the year before. Amazing. However the ghosts that linger, sometimes for decades and maybe more it would seem have not moved to the light. Yes demons are destructive and pure evil and need cast out.

  5. Nicole B

    Hey! Love the show!!! I was wondering if anyone knew what episode # was the encounter at LBL with the two men camping in proximity to the bow hunter? I spent quite some time looking for it but No luck. Thank you

  6. Nicole B

    Helloo…Love the show!!! I was wondering if anyone knew what episode # was the encounter at LBL with the two men camping in proximity to the bow hunter? I spent quite some time looking for it but No luck. Thank you

  7. theresa m

    I’m truly excited for whatever you plate for us, Wes. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever see a Sasquatch or a Dogman but I’ve seen a spirit for sure. In my family home which is one of the first built on what would become our block in Somerville, Massachusetts. She was small in stature and she never moved or spoke. My mom didn’t believe me. My Nana saw an older man in the same home and he walked through a wall that has always been there so I wonder if he was in another dimension altogether. She also heard her name “Rose” whispered to her from our large pantry area at the end of the kitchen. We all felt something over our shoulder each time we stood at the kitchen sink to wash dishes. When my maternal aunt visited us one year from Washington state, she told my mother, “Oh, Marie, you have spirit here.” She is a sensitive like my nana. So, I’m waiting with excitement for your show with Ric, who is a great story teller. A grateful member!

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