May 16

Thought It Was Someone Carrying A Lantern

A listener writes “So, I want to tell the story about the lights my grandmother saw when she was a young girl. This happened in Southwest Mississippi.

When she was a little girl, they lived in a little house on a hill in the back of the pasture. At the time, her grandmother was on her death bed in their back room. They were sitting on the front porch one evening at dusk. She said they saw what they thought was someone carrying a lantern walking up the wagon trail toward the house. When it got close to the house, they realized it was just a round light she described as being about the size of a cantaloupe. She said it was about three feet above the ground and moving slowly. It came up the steps and went through the screen door and down the hall into her grandmother’s room.

She said her father told her not to be afraid. They went to the grandmothers bedroom and the light was hovering above the floor under her bed. They closed the door and went to bed. The next morning, the light was gone and the grandmother was dead.

A couple years later, they had a cow that was having trouble trying to have a calf. They saw the light hovering above the cow and the next morning, the cow and calf were dead.

She said it was the death angel. It most definitely wasn’t swamp gas. My grandmother wasn’t a joking type person and she wasn’t a liar. She was very stern and meant what she said. Her brother also saw it but was too young to remember much about it.”

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  1. Lisa S

    Yes, wow. Amazing. It’s hard to accept what others experience, but having myself and other family hearing sounds with no accompanying visuals over decades in an historic house in Louisiana, I believe her. It doesn’t fit my theology, but one cannot deny one’s experiences.

  2. Emily T

    Story from rural Nebraska. In a small town coincidentally there deaths occurred that night, one of them was a family membet. During the night 3 seperate lights entered the windows of thr house, in part of house were there was no way car lights from the road could reflect in windows. The lights entered and left quckly. Our relative had passed away. We all later wondered if the lights represented the three souls leaving this worldly home?

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