Sep 14

This Thing Looked Like A Huge Gorilla

A listener writes ” I just discovered your podcast a month ago and it has made me look at an experience I had as a kid in a different way.

When I was teen I was with my friend in my backyard on my huge trampoline. The only light we had was from my house ( we had the door open ). My back was to my house and my friend was sitting in front of me, so she was seeing my house and she was chatting away and suddenly I just see something to my right but I just kept acting like I wasn’t aware of this person. I was bracing myself for being scared.

So I keep an eye on it and it started peeking from my shed then moved to our burn barrel area. This was all silhouette because the way the alley lights were situated and the light from the house was I just could see silhouette. It looked human but when it moved from the burn barrel I saw movement to my left and it wasn’t human anymore. No sound was heard and I just stopped talking, I just couldn’t move and I was so scared by what I saw.

My friend looked at me then where I was looking then back back at me then back and said so loud ‘ what is that!’ Over and over. This thing looked like a huge gorilla, I saw half of the silhouette. I couldn’t speak, I became so terrified. My friend just kept looking and then I saw movement to my left, so it bolted from where I saw the gorilla silhouette to the side of my house and all while this is going on I’m stupidly thinking it’s heading to the gate of my fence because there was a fence surrounding part of the yard. I said to my friend let’s go, I tried pulling her but nothing so I ran in the house. I feel so bad for leaving but I had watched this thing from the start and she eventually came in and we were in tears and shaking.

Not one sound came from any movement and that mass that moved left to side of my house was not the humanoid I first saw. Too big, too fast. After I said to my friend draw what you saw and I’ll draw what I saw and to the best of our abilities we drew a gorilla like silhouette.

My family didn’t believe us but Bigfoot did enter my mind but I thought no because this was on all fours I saw the muscle outline but I was also no that is not right because I live in Indiana and I don’t live near woods, I live in a neighborhood. For years I thought it was a shadow person morphing into a gorilla but when I heard from your podcast that people see then on all fours my gut twisted and I just had it haunt me.

I’m confused, I’m 38 now and it still haunts me. The reason I say shadow person is because it had no sign of hair or clothes.

If you know of anyone who has had this kind of experience please let me know. It might not be sasquatch but I haven’t heard anything close to my experience.”

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  1. Ron S

    Sometimes I think certain encounters happen because the witness may be at some crucial point in their life like a crossroads of change or even nearing fork in the road on life’s journey where they will have to make a choice. These unforeseeable moments would be opportune times for negative spiritual energies to make an appearance and persuade.

    On the flipside there could also be opportune times in a person’s life to experience positive helpful things to guide you along in this world or even give validation to positive spiritual energies.

    I don’t believe we have control over either instance and should not force them to happen expecting instant proof, as more often than not most instant results would be of a darker nature because they are less likely to play by the rules of not interfering with your right to free will.

    For young people especially, unexplainable instances could revolved around the losing of innocence and a luring to something darker in the thought process. It could also be breaking free of the last of the negative forces pulling at your subconscious with a last attempt. Possibly even a manifestation or shadow self of suppressed darkness within the witness.

    I have no proof but it seems rational to me that entities or beings in a shadow form appear that way because just like the negative energy they came from in this world from human energy, these dark thoughts haven’t been fully conceptualized, brought to fruition or acted upon in this reality.

    Solid negative actions by people making them more physically solid in appearance and vice versa… Just a guess.

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